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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Saturday, 30 November 2013

The Patron Saint Andrew and His Feast Day

St. Andrew's Day is the feast day of Saint Andrew.

Saint Andrews day is celebrated on 30th of November.

Saint Andrew is the patron saint of Scotland, and St. Andrew's Day is Scotland's official national day. In 2006, the Scottish Parliament designated St Andrew's Day as an official bank holiday.

St. Andrews day is also a national holiday in Romania.

'Saint Andrew is also the patron saint of Greece, Romania, Russia, Ukraine, the Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople and Saint Andrew, Barbados.'

'In Germany, the feast day is celebrated as Andreasnacht ("St Andrew's Night"), in Austria with the custom of Andreasgebet ("St Andrew's Prayer"), and in Poland as Andrzejki ("Little Andrews", diminutive), in Russia as Андреева ночь ("Night Andrew").'

'In 1208, following the sack of Constantinople, those relics of St. Andrew and St. Peter which remained in the imperial city were taken to Amalfi, Italy, by Cardinal Peter of Capua, a native of Amalfi. The Amalfi cathedral (Duomo), dedicated to St. Andrew (as is the town itself), contains a tomb in its crypt that it maintains still contains the rest of the relics of the apostle. On 8 May 2008, the relic believed to be Andrew's head was returned to Amalfi Cathedral.;

Scotland is also known as the Highlands - seen as God's Land.

'Andrew the Apostle (Greek: Ἀνδρέας, Andreas; from the early 1st century – mid to late 1st century AD; known by some as Saint Andrew), called in the Orthodox tradition Prōtoklētos, or the First-called, was a Christian Apostle and the brother of Saint Peter.'

'He is considered the founder and the first bishop of the Church of Byzantium and is consequently the patron saint of the Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople.'

'Saint Andrew was the first disciple of Jesus. He was the younger brother of Saint Peter and was born in Bethsaida on the Sea of Galilee.'

'Saint Andrew was martyred by crucifixion at Patras in Achaea in Greece. Because St. Andrew deemed himself unworthy to be crucified on the same type of cross on which Christ had been crucified, he asked to be tied to a Crux decussata or an X shaped cross. The Apostle Andrew did not die right away but instead he was left to suffer for two days while he continued to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ until he finally died.'

'A local superstition uses the cross of Saint Andrew as a hex sign on the fireplaces in northern England and Scotland to prevent witches from flying down the chimney and entering the house to do mischief. By placing the St Andrew's cross on one of the fireplace posts or lintels, witches are prevented from entering through this opening......'

The Saints are patrons and protectors. Saint Andrew was divinely guided and seen with scroll shows he was given the Word of God. It is known of the spiritual wickedness taking place and witchcraft being used to cause injury, loss and bad luck to people. Eventually all those who have been involved in this are going to feel the backfire and reap the consequences of the actions they sow.

Remembering Saint Andrew and praying that He is watching over the lands and people from those who want to rule over lands and people by deception. Man does not rule over and above God.

The Greek Orthodox Cathedral of St. Andrew in London, was originally an Anglican Church dedicated to St Barnabas. The building was constructed in the style of a three-aisled basilica without a dome.

In Scotland the ruin of St. Andrews Cathedral....

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Remembering Saint Andrew with appreciation for their helping from the heavenly realm and their spiritual protection. While Saint days are specifically identified, the Saints, as Lord Jesus Christ and all the heavenly angels appointed by and wite God Almighty are ever active, every day.

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria

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