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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Sunday, 24 November 2013

The Reason Jews Do Not Beleive in Jesus

Everyone who is Jewish knows that God rules over this entire universe.

Jewish people have been trusted with the oracle of God. However, even with all the miracles, the resurrection and ascending up to heaven - being taken to heaven, there are people who do not believe in Jesus.

Separation of people has been man's plan. Divide and Conquer - lands. God is not for one people and not for another. Jesus Christ being Jewish was and is for all people.

Jewish people are scattered to many lands, not one land.

What Jewish people are invited to consider. This is that God does not change His Truth and already thousands of years ahead, He warned people what was to happen.

The scene of the crucifixion is one that people globally know about today. In the ancient times crucifixion was punishment for treason. A man was born who was given Divine Right to Rule over this entire World Kingdom to place God as the authority over this entire world.

Jesus Christ resurrected and sitting on a throne in heaven, still, God rules over this entire earth. When Queen Elizabeth was crowned, she was identified as being born from the lineage of King David and King Solomon - so therefore she is related to Jesus Christ too.

However, with King David being the 8th born son and 'chosen' - then the understanding of being divinely appointed would still apply in this present day.

The Jewish people have God as their authority and yet are put in a position to have man as their authority. One reason why Jews have been killed is because they have been given the truth. There are three crowns and the understanding from where the Prophets have been born.

If there is the silence of the divinely guided ones, man can rule over this world with his rules and laws. Satan rules by silencing the truth and turning people against each other.

Lip service believers and there are many in England, who forgot that this Kingdom was given to Jesus Christ and He appoints His helpers for the people, forgot who is The King.

The King of the Jews is a title held by Jesus Christ. The King of All The Tribes of Israel is one that should be held by Jesus Christ.

Israel has been formed and if this is with recognising Jesus Christ as being the authority over this land, a state set up just for Jewish people (to me) would say that this is to ensure that only Jesus Christ can be King over this land and only who he appoints can be Queen of Israel.

The prophesies have been given to all people about the antichrist. Also that this person will be born from one of the tribes of Israel is expected too. The tribe of Dan is mentioned.

All that is written must come to pass, even as we endure difficult times. In the divine plan is to ensure that all men and women have God as their authority,for this has been forgotten.

The atheists do not serve to be credible teachers, after all they are non believers. The people of faith who have had experience of prayers being answered, are more reliable.

People can be disciplined to follow tradition with obedience, to keep the presence of God in their lives. That is to ensure that man does not come along and change this. The important lesson that people are to learn is around the world, globally people have remembered God and Jesus Christ even in different names to remind people that no man or woman rules over the heavenly Order.

We really are all very small and seemingly insignificant in the universe. Do not think you are small that you cannot make a positive difference or be a helper of Christ. As Richard Chartres spoke 'finding another video' he is looking for 100,000 Kingdom Builders in London.

The number of Kingdom Builders globally is great to Bring the Kingdom of Christ into fruition and I do not accept anyone ruling by deception over lands and people.

Personally I do not give my allegiance to wizard wand wavers and actually, it is the Queen who should be giving her allegiance to the people - NOT the other way round.

The King of Spain holds the title King of Jerusalem. Queen Elizabeth would be Queen of Israel - except this title is not used. What is known with the connection of the Holy Land to the United Kingdom is the stone of Jacob that sits underneath the Coronation Throne.

Princess Diana was 'got rid of' before she could campaign for the Palestinians. The effort to get the building that houses the Israeli government is asking who is ruling over the Israelis?

This building was given to Prince Phillip! Apparently Prince Charles was after this building for a number of years and it was given to his father instead. Will his family inherit this?

There comes a time when man has got to put away his disagreements with other people and start to make his relationship with God right because man is a war monger, God is the life giver.

Now more than ever Jewish people should be strong in their faith and only accept God as their authority - Anyone who is divinely guided by God is not an enemy of the Jewish people and does not turn peoples of different lands against each other. Man has got to give up the war monger.

There are people who are demonically possessed - the silence of this in UK. There are people involved in rituals for power - evidently in this case they are not willing to submit to the highest power. We are in a time where people are choosing their own fate. Everyone is accountable.

We are souls living in a physical body. We are here for a time to learn our lessons, to grow and evolve spiritually. We all have a purpose - a spiritual purpose and yet when you give up your God given rights and the authority he holds eternally, who and what is ruling over you?

Everyone was given Jesus Christ, so everyone could have God as their authority and protector. Back in 1992 Windsor Castle had a great fire. This was a sign to indicate The End. God really is the All Seeing and All Knowing and so, He knows what was and is taking place behind closed doors.

God knows the devious plans of man and women too!

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria


Ruth said...


I dont really know how I found your blog, and I dont care if you even post my comment since I dont look to any man for approval.. ONLY TO YHWH Elohim.. The I AM, And Yahushua my Adonai and Savior..

The title of this commentary caught my eye.. As the child of a Holocaust survivor and the only one in my entire family who has believed in Yahushua as the LAMB OF GOD WHO TAKES AWAY THE SINS OF THE WORLD. I feel led to share a wonderful Documentary, made not in hatred, but to bring truth, to the very question you speak about..

I pray you take the time to watch this in its entirety.. I am not attempting to put blame or condemnation on any people.. BECAUSE I KNOW FULL WELL THAT WE ARE ALL SINNERS, LAW BREAKERS WHO HAVE FALLEN SHORT OF THE GLORY OF YHWH.
WE ALL NEED CLEANSING BY THE BLOOD OF THE PASSOVER LAMB.. YHWH Elohim bless you dear sister in Mosiach/Messiah

Lady Pauline Maria said...


Thank you so much for your writing your truth Ruth and sharing this documentary. I will create another blog including your message and the link.
You are meant to share this with me today sister of our Moshiach/Messiah.
God bless you and keep you