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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Tuesday, 5 November 2013


Back in 2009, the Mail Online published an article that should have indicated the seriousness of the underground problem in our world that puts children at high risk.

Then the statistic if I recall 165,000 hits to child porn websites every day - just in the United Kingdom. Magnify this for global statistics. THE LINK CANNOT BE FOUND - HAS IT BEEN REMOVED?

'Sting: Child rights organization Terres des Hommes in the Netherlands created a virtual character 'Sweetie' to look like a ten-year-old Filipino girl and posed as her on internet chat rooms unmask webcam child-sex tourists'

The video is posted below and this must be taken seriously.

'The UN and FBI estimate that there are 750,000 pedophiles online at any given moment'

Back from 2003 til 2009 I founded and ran an online healing resource. One day a young girl contacted me all excited - she decided to entrap pedophiles on the internet by pretending to be a child. The danger potentially she put herself in contributed to an adrenalin rush. Obviously once learning of the sinister activities chat rooms are still being used for, safety on the internet was promoted as a priority too. The closing down of MSN Chatrooms came about some time after this.

The closing down of forums and chatrooms does not solve the problem - what the internet has done is expose the problem that officials in public office have known about and silenced. Satanic Ritual abuse is known about and silenced because people in high positions are being protected.

The problem is still existing. Some men are sexually aroused by children. The psychological make up of pedophiles might be because they have some emotional development issue. The sickness that cannot be ignored, is being recognised and addressed by other men now. Something is being done.

Before any prosecution can take place there needs to be evidence. And at what level of crime is to be addressed paying for sexual services in some countries is illegal. Evidence of a child being coaxed into exposure of their body or sexual interaction, even suggested sexual interaction is being caught and recorded. The enticement of payment is also promoting child prostitution too.

'Sting: A person in a public chat room offers $20 to Sweetie to get undressed on Skype'

There are individuals fighting for women's rights and child protection. We are not living in a world where children are protected because far too many people see their job as a means to payment and not for providing a service. And when lawyers have profit as a priority, this explains why so many people are denied - blatantly refused justice, a very serious crime. There is reluctance to prosecute when especially pedophiles are known about or found in top office and high echelons of society.

'Identified: Hans Guyt, project director of Terre des Hommes, stands in front of a wall plastered with pictures of men suspected of soliciting a fake underage girl. 1,000 of these have been given to Interpol'

With no longer any privacy, where internet, telephone and our activity is monitored, for a long while now people pay by credit card and a system knows who we are what we by, when, where and how much we spend too. The 'Windows' program, common sense tells me that there is a two way viewing process where while we are looking at the computer, there is the capability for 'someone' to be looking inside too. There is the probability of televisions to be viewing too.

'Secret: The operation was organized from inside a secret warehouse in Amsterdam, the Netherlands'

Big Brother was the introduction to this following with a number of reality television shows. If you accept looking at other people and their lives, then you must accept that other people are looking at you and your personal life too. The horror of watching George Orwell's 1984 made me feel quite ill for several days and took me to a place of feeling very depressed. This is especially so because the system is run by people who are not divinely appointed even if they pretend they are.

With the government spying there are perspectives - the system in place has the capability of functioning for the greater good of all, or to the detriment of people. In the case of collecting evidence of 'real crime', and especially crimes carried out by officials and even the royals, who are not above the law, then this can be then acted on by whoever has the courage to.

'Operation: A Terre des Hommes researcher points to one of the sessions in a public chat room'

In learning of a millionaire pedophile who had his computer taken away, it is unknown if prosecution took place, because of his position. What police, lawyers and people who want to sit in a position of a judge need to realise, that if Real crime is not prosecuted, the problem escalates. The entire legal system has sat back while millions of people have been killed in illegal wars and the scary thing is - they continue to sit back turning a blind eye to corruption too.

'The character of Sweetie was created as webcam sex with minors usually involves men from Western countries paying children from impoverished countries, such as the Philippines, for sex shows' - This story must be shared globally because it also exposes the danger to children at home.

Perhaps there needs to be a website that exposes all the people who are caught with 'sweetie' after all, the moment someone has indicated payment, they have made their intentions clear. Naming and shaming is not going to deter pedophiles. Not sure the current status if pedophilia is classified as a mental illness or is it just the victims who are condemned and given labels?

'Dutch chapter of children's rights group Terre des Hommes has created 10-year-old girl and posed as her in internet chatrooms. Over 1,000 sexual predators have been identified after creating a computer-generated Filipino girl named 'Sweetie' to entice them to ask for child porn.

For two-and-a-half months during the spring, the researchers pretended to be the girl while working undercover in a warehouse in an industrial part of Amsterdam - and the results were instant.

They were quickly approached by more than 20,000 predators from 71 countries, and on Monday, they gave the identities of 1,000 of these allegedly predators to Interpol. Of these, 254 came from the U.S......' These are not people looking at photographs, they wanted interaction.

Our internet service provider issues us with an address that identifies who we are and our internet activity. When all the people were scaremongering about speaking out about corruption - I was gathering what could be found from all over the internet and writing openly. Now with understanding that our computer activity is monitored, there is not so much of an urgency to get information out there because whatever I am looking at - the trackers are looking at too.

There is a huge issue with protecting people from prosecution who are a liability to society - the pedophiles are one, corrupt lawyers another, the people behind the scenes who are manipulating war and playing at war games where innocent people are losing their lives and limbs.

Not writing about the News of The World with the exposure now coming to light in the law court, is because I did not have the information. However, as even the Royals are to discover this week, if they did not know already, their telephone conversations have been heard and emails too. The exposure on film of Sarah Fergerson asking for a large amount of cash, is likely just a snippet of what is happening behind closed doors that the media know about and have not reported.

We are in a time of the apocalypse meaning revealing what is hidden and a couple of years ago, I was given the understanding that in every structure of public office and the royal household there are people who can see what is going on and monitoring what is happening too.

If society is not being protected by perpetrators of abuse, this explains why abuse escalates. And when pedophilia escalates, it might be society is being influenced from the top. As uncomfortable as this might be to read the safety and well being of children is far more important than protecting pedophiles whoever they are. So at the very least name and shame those who have been found out with evidence and prosecute those who are processing payment. Ethical decision made!

Credit to the people in our world who are doing all they can to protect the vulnerable and innocent ones. If officials continue to silence the truth, they must accept that they are pat of the problem. How many parents could sleep peacefully if this was happening to their child?

Whatever it takes to warn parents to protect their children - whatever country we are living in, it will be done. It is the duty for teachers to watch out for children's safety too.

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria

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