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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Danger Vegetable Pesticide Slow Poison - Awakening

With man forgetting God, perhaps they have not seen the similarity of what has happened in ancient history where the plagues were sent over the land because of the ruler of the land - the Pharaoh.

Poverty and oppression of people is also a sign of what was discovered as with Mandate of Heaven...

A few years ago I had a dream that revealed large fruits in a lush green environment - no idea where this was but I do know that if we keep poisoning the earth, no food will grow...Food grown on earth that has been contaminated is absorbing the toxins in the earth...We really cannot ignore this..

There was also a time of crop rotation, letting the natural is waste die back and that become compost and replacing natural nutrition back to the earth for the next crop...

First we must become responsible and break away from the greed mentality - food was once for sharing and food being nourishment made with love is also with consuming this same energy too.

People at ease with consuming toxins are giving themselves a clear message that they do not value themselves. Not everyone realises their soul is housed in a physical body that is affected by food..but  it cannot be ignored that the Mind - not the Brain,, has power to overcome the physical..

When people pray to ask to purify their bless their food, this process is not without reason that includes also that somehow while some people run to the doctor and get a prescription of another toxin for a symptom. the healing without the toxin might involve making some physical and consumption changes.

It is surely odd that so many people suffer with Diabetes or other conditions..but people are not realising that what we eat, hear, read and think, affects us in a profound way that is often hidden or masked.

Not everyone reads the labels of what they buy

People who have diagnosed allergies have to....

If at the food source, awareness is generated this creates for a movement of awakening...A land where the understanding of the soul journey was given, should be prepared with people who are ready to be open to receive divine guidance and in this time, they way to break this cycle of poisoning people with toxins is with realising 1) we are being poisoned by what we consume 2) to be conscious of our process 3) to not consume toxins - and to heal the root cause of illness and symptoms of diagnosed illness labels.

This on one level involves stop poisoning our food.

Long before I trained in Holisitc Health and Psychological Therapies - I was given some understanding spiritually when in prayer and it was to study for credibility to speak out. But the English Court has been a contributing factor to break me and keep me silent...The Global control system is corrupt.

People were born free...Our Souls belong to God

The biblical message 'the meek will inherit the earth - must be'

The meek and lowly people might make more ethical decisions that are fair for the whole of mankind than the few who claim divine right to rule when they have none at all...We are in time for change NOW!

Peace be with you
Pauline Maria.

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