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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Thursday, 10 December 2015

Dream Validation Flood Rising and then Discipates

Not so long ago I wrote about a dream of a flood rising and then the water disappearing. There was something else that was shown to me - not sure if I had written about this..not checked.

Some time before my dream, not long - I had witnessed a rainbow in the sky and a thought came to mind, to remember the promise God made that he will never flood the entire earth again. He said the rainbow will be a sign of his covenant with the people to remember his promises....Not everyone remembers.

On the way back from posting a letter, the sky was breathtaking and like a scene from a movie...because it was as if the sky was divided horizontally with the upper part looking like ocean waves and the lower part of the brightest of blue - never seen here, other than one time seeing GOD written in the clear blue sky one time when talking to him and thanking him for answering my prayers...saying I wish I could see him even knowing that he is invisible ...but this experience was obviously to draw on in this time too.

In finding this photograph on google, the impression of waves is seen and where darker blue is seen underneath, the sky was the brightest of blue and very unusual with being early evening. Unfortunately I do not recall the date exactly and so for personal reference sharing this openly, to recollect later on.

The impression of the bright blue, reminded me of divine intervention will take place when flooding comes and so to see only within a short time a report of a flood and then the water disappearing, I am not able to ignore this....but also how many people have questioned ' is there enough rain to justify the floods?
In my dream recently documented, with the water rising and falling, perhaps I was shown how the power of God works by how the water can disappear quickly and dry up...Seeing this most people would question how is this possible? There could also be a warning of drought taking place too in this dream.

In recent articles writing about a flood reported in Carlisle - notice CARL - ISLE has been named ...The other day I was thinking of Carlsberg beer, with plenty of beer cans around, because people throw them, I could not ignore that there is a crown featured on this. Carl is also a popular name today.

Is there a connection...Berg means mountain.

There is a King C\arl of Sweden....

While I have no evidence of the sky scene seen in real life. I also remember an inspired revelation painting from a few years ago...Using encaustic wax and an iron, the image revealed is what is meant to be known and often the title came to name this too....One image shows a great flood, where only the roof of a house is seen...I cannot ignore that there have three other dreams with floods in the UK and landslides too.

Another dream has shown a rive just rising and making its way along the road and then dissipating, leaving mod. Just sharing this information, keep an open mind. There are scriptures written and these I quote from time to time, not saying 'this is it' but to show that what is written can be validated in this time.

Prophetic dreams are regarded as being from God when they are also validated and that is not because the dreamer is anyone exceptional. God will choose his instruments to bring his truth to warn and to remind people that he is the authority but it seems some people have issue with this.

Learning to trust God is with learning that in history there were enemies of the people. The people were rescued from slavery - the enemies were drowned. All of them.  As history has a way of repeating lessons, it is not known if a great flood will destroy the enemies of the people again..Keep an  open mind.

Peace be with you
Pauline Maria

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