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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Jeremy Camp - The Man - No More Suffering

A terrible injustice was done long ago - one that gives no excuse for injustice to prevail today...But still there are those who are eager to corrupt the law and even do so to their own detriment in the long term.

This song  has some images you might find disturbing - tears roll down my eyes when I think that this man endured his fate, knowing that if anything through his punishment, persecution, torture and being crucified that people could look back and see - which of these people can you relate to.

 Do you belong to the camp of the one eager to be paid to condemn the man you know? The one that earned his silver and yet it was blood money that could not be accepted afterwards.

Do you belong to the torturer, binding up an innocent man and then lacerating his body that it was torn and dripping with blood - or the one who jeered with placing the crown of thorns on his head?

Do you belong to the mother figure who watches her son's torture and have his life taken - a woman who is helpless as her son is going to be killed, knowing that it is against the laws of God to kill anyone>

Do you relate to the woman who has reached rock bottom, that she is on the floor while there are people standing around not only eager to condemn her more but to kill her completely - search deep in yourself for this one. If the law required that you were to punish someone for adultery - would you? Search deep within yourself as if if you have ever looked at someone else with desire who is married to someone else?

We are told not to throw stones at glass houses..
We are not perfect or without sin. We might be blameless.

People in history have had to learn their lessons. The same today.

This video asks 'would you take the place of this man?'

The ego is huge and lust for power is all consuming...

The man who was so hated, is now so loved for doing right.

The wrong doers were those who were in positions of trust....

They may not have seen what was coming to them...

The end came with the death and the resurrection....

A man born to remind people of The RULE OF GOD in Heaven. 

That was his crime and people did not like it...

The Voice of God declared Jesus as His Son...

Was that such a crime that the God mockers did not like...

The truth could not be silenced not now and certainly not then.

A heart to heart, soul to soul message bought to light the love of God that people still remember - Through Christ we learn of a loving God, a compassionate and forgiving God...a Very Patient God.

But those who corrupt his laws to their own ends, he is not.

'There will be a day' is a reminder of God's promises...

Peace be with you
Pauline Maria

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