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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
♥ Campaigning for global peace, healing and taking care of the world we live in ♥

Monday, 7 December 2015

Jesus Heart to Heart, Soul to Soul 3rd December 2015

This is my personal process back on the morning of 3rd of December 2015, a few days ago. I was thinking to write an inspirational message and penned the words as follows:

I wish you healing, love and light of the highest kind to reach into your heart and fill you completely - that you may know peace within. .....

Looking up to the clock from the page, the time noted was 10:52 and I continued with my focus on Jesus with what he wanted me to know writing down each word given in the Spirit, finishing at 11:18

Delay in writing was justified. A lady from a radio station in America contacted me about an interview, I  told her I do not seek fame but we spoke for a few hours. Sharing some information, we were meant to talk. She also spoke to me about a young woman in America - said to be the daughter of Diana...To be honest nothing surprises me any more. To be honest the best thing that could happen, 'if Diana was alive' that she appeared and then the house of cards will fall. But I am sure man has made his back up plan too.

So given the events that have been happening these days, there has also been with months of propaganda influence to provoke justification for war. A group of MPs in the British establishment have voted and decided to go to war. Not in my name. Not in the name of Christ either. God forbids...

This is the words that were given to me on the 3rd December:

It is too late what they have done. Too late to stop the course of action. Too late to forgive for the evil one thrives and succeeds with trauma and fear. The terror that has been decided  is unforgivable and the consequences are grave indeed. The people in your land are shaken and confused, turning hearts to war is the most evil of all.
Turning people away from me and the father of all is an abomination of the LORD and they know it too. 
Pauline there are many that serve dark forces now. 
They do not believe in the light. They do not want to be saved. They want quick fix rewards and hefty payments and it is nothing good at all. 
It is in this most holy time to hurt the desperate and stir up hate between peoples, when they did not ask for this. They are blind to illusion and even blinder to God's miracles that even if they can see they would not know from where they came. 
Dear one I cannot do anything to put risk to my people who know who they are. They do not support war or killing. They do not promote hate  or vengeance on anyone. 
Pauline you were called to confront wrongs and yet they who are hard hearted refuse to put wrongs right. Eventually all will have to face, when they realise they are the cause of the evil rising. 
The Testimony of God and repentance is forced but they did not learn the lesson now or ever before.
Israel the rebellion and rebellious has allowed evil to rule over them while the blind  cannot see the cause. 
They are sold protection and promises of peace but there is no peace because they did not turn their hearts completely to God - the Light of the world on each - to illuminate the lights on earth, was dimmed so that until the shadows of darkness prevail, this would not be seen and even then the light will be rejected.
A brainwashed society filled with dirt will produce mud in thinking instead of clarity of mind and divine guidance flowing from the spiritual water. 
I can only hope those who are from the extremist groups speak out the truth and turn their hearts before it is too late. The mass slaughter is indeed the influence of evil as the planned wars to conquest is the same.
One act of war and another rebellion for vengeance. Both are blind to the cause and none have the right to rule in the Father's name and most certainly not my own.
Darling one hear me clearly in your heart/
You will be threatened to be silent - ignore them.
Remind them of the LORD God, the Almighty one who your Queen Elizabeth II took her oath to serve and she knows of you. She knows you were broken too. 
She knows the suffering inflicted on the world and she knows the law of Karma too.
Her children do not respect their role of responsibility in this and her grandchildren have not seen a world beyond 'duty' and materialism. They gain and claim for their name opens doors for the mortal world, while God sees into the hearts of those who have nothing at all of attraction and illusion. 
He knows whose heart is pure and willing to serve him and he knows those who pretend., with poison in their hearts and minds, masquerading to teach,and yet they do not apply the teaching.
No one has been given authority to cause death. No one. 
The Father says 'fear not those who cause death, but he who can turn the light off of the soul. 
The body will perish, the soul will go on.
Hold not to your life - cling to your soul because the spiritual part of yourself will never die and if people can realise this, they will realise the combat mentality promoted is not respecting the life or soul. or the children on earth to evolve.
Primitive minds rule and selfishness reigns. 
The one who steals from the people has nothing to gain. 
He will return all he has stolen.
The world will be taken back and the Father will again make his truth known. Many will deny this being possible ...
Ask where is Justice? Why is justice refused and point to the scripture.The time is over now. 
I call back my people who want me and wait for me. The rest must decide what they will do. Fight and be destroyed - or repent and be saved?
I did not make the rules. The Father did!'

Of the times - first when starting to write the word 10:52

"Go," said Jesus, "your faith has healed you." Immediately he received his sight and followed Jesus along the road. Mark 10:52

Finally is it written with the time that finished 11:18

The nations were angry, and your wrath has come. The time has come for judging the dead, and for rewarding your servants the prophets and your people who revere your name, both great and small-- and for destroying those who destroy the earth." Revelations 11:18

The Wrath of God is not without reason....

Pray to The Father God Almighty ...but if you want to talk to Jesus, know he is listening to you and will respond to those who are ready to hear his voice and trust him too. Until this time you are being prepared - He is not gong to allow the enemy to distract his people again.

Peace be with you
Pauline Maria

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