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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Sunday, 6 December 2015

London Bystander Yells 'You Ain't No Muslim Bruv'

Another article published today in the Daily Mail

Leytonstone Tube Station it is stated, at 7pm eye witnesses claimed the knife attacker said 'this is for Syria'

The report states more in brief headlines to start...
  • Police officers at the scene were filmed tasering the man inside the station
  • He is seen falling to the ground then given a second round of electricity
  • A defiant bystander is then heard yelling out 'You ain't no Muslim bruv'

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    Insteadof heavily armed police, what seem to be harmless but powerful weapons, sufficient to bring 'people down' the tasar gun is used. What ease are people willing to use these, whether in their job as an armed and uniformed officer or not, cannot be ignored.

    A voice on the video says 'he has been tasared six times'

    God help the people who will be living under the armed police in Britain. The police are mistrusted as it is and it is their historical record with lying in court that does not seem to be prosecuted 'all in the name of Queen Elizabeth so it is only so much time, where Justice will be perverted in this land unchecked.

    The video is rather depressing really in its energy...

    The yob mentality is high in pockets of society

    But a society that is oppressed, the price is high. It will continue to decline as long as there are people who continue to support an idea that if you fine people it will pay your wages.

    And the people who are waking up, reject that unholy regime.

    For the Police firing the tasar - You ain't no Christian brother!

    As I will keep reminding what the police said one day: 'This land is ruled by dark forces' The tasar guns were seen as being one step to handing the police the loaded weapon - a gun. Now they fire shots of electricity. The people who are frivolous, many irresponsible, quite a few are abusers and out of control - beating wives up too, who are in refuge centres - include police officers who wear a uniform and badge.

    There are police who beat weak civilians too. It is a power trip.

    Why do people do acts of desperation?

    Why are innocent people killed?

    Why are people saying 'this is for Syria?

    To whom is this person a subject to...The Queen, or all her heirs and their successors? If someone was killed - did a human sacrifice take place by influence....Oh there is so much we do not know.

    Got to say, no matter what really happened, or what events had taken place to lead to this incident, there are many responses quoted from Twitter to congratulate the response, 'You ain't no Muslim bruv'

    The anti Islamic promoting propaganda is justifying the wars and actions taken that we do not know about - but few people know that Jesus is loved by Muslims and people waiting for him to return..To be a Muslim it is said, you must believe in the miraculous conception of Jesus and also his return.

    Now I would challenge everyone from the very top of the British hierarchy to confess this truth and reject Satan completely....Many might do, but some cannot if they have pledged to serve him.

    The persecution of any people comes at a price.

    The wars based on lies are conveniently ignored.

    The people who react to this..who are we to judge?

    Police who are trigger happy are a concern.

    The godless officals are easily willing to take orders from their overlords and that might be to the detriment of me that is a justified concern that should not be ignored.

    Do not rebel against this. Enlighten and wake up the masses. Remind the police they would have far better effect on the population if they showed care and compassion instead. The past cannot be erradicated.

    Trust that has been broken cannot be mended with guns.

    Sadly my Greek grandfather is not alive to remind police officers 'KNOW YOUR PLACE' - A Kyrios in Greece who commanded respect - In England they have not got a clue.

    Who has the right to rule? Looks like tyranny revealed.

    Are the police protecting the people, or the system?

    Peace be with you
    Pauline Maria

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