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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Saturday, 19 December 2015

Muslims: Prophecy of Harrat Mahdi and Jesus Meeting

The detail revealed in this video is most important to understand.

We can see how what is written is also interpreted. So we must be careful not to misinterpret what is written. It is impossible for me to read and understand Arabic, so I rely on someone who knows the language and the Quran that is written but also shares openly so that we can all know what is foretold.

Jesus is referred to as Isa to Muslims but the video translation identifies Jesus so there is to be no mistake into who the reference is of discussion. I was told Muslims regard Jesus as the most important Prophet and the video identifies Jesus as being the Messiah. Messiah refers to a King, Priest Prophet.

Mahdi is referring to the successor, to Prophet Muhammad. The Mahdi is given the role of being the Spiritual leader and teacher for the Muslims - this is what I understand. We are given more information.

Code is identified and what came to mind when Adnan Oktar was talking, Jesus in history has given the example of the one who would betray him with the kiss.....So to follow through with a sign that would be recognised and understood by the Muslims makes sense. It is also clearly written and said:

Jesus would appear from the sky...Jesus is expected to return.

The Mahdi will never say 'I am the Mahdi'

To examine more of what is revealed in this video:

As Jesus places his hands on the Mahdi, he identifies the Mahdi and instructs to lead the people in prayer ...Jesus does not seek to be the leader of people. He is stepping back and it might be appropriate to say, he will designate people to be leaders of people...He will validate who serves God in truth.

Constantinople is named - now renamed Istanbul. 

In Istanbul the Topkapi Palace apparently houses relics of Prophet Muhammad and so it might be that the Mahdi (successor to Prophet Muhammad) is a relation, descendant and legal heir.

Topkapi...Top Cap came to mind. 

Jerusalem is also identified - 

It is written 'And do not say, 'By the earth!' because the earth is his footstool. And do not say, 'By Jerusalem!' for Jerusalem is the city of the great King. Matthew 5:35

Great King - Messiah King?

'We will say 'By the Law of God, Jesus is the Messiah'

There will be certain acts and instruction that Jesus will do in relation to the Muslims and it is assumed given the content of the video that these must take place with the Muslims declaring 'BY THE LAW OF GOD' meaning that no one can deny the status given by God that Jesus is the Messiah.

When a child first learns to walk, the parent will stand in front and guide the child towards them...and when they are confident with their steps, the parent will watch as their child walks ahead.

What I understand is, when someone who is chosen to be a leader of people, they will already had training for this purpose  God will not entrust people to those who turn people away from him...

Quote; Our Prophet (pbuh) says: The Prophet Jesus will appear in a state as if  water dripping from his hair'

'because a normal person will not seem to be wet unless his hair is not wet'

The taking just of the above is providing validation of Jesus being alive and returning...I am not aware what else is written about Jesus being alive and returning but this is sufficient to share for reference.

A few months ago I had another dream seeing Jesus. A great fire was fast sweeping across land. There were also people seen being taken up towards heaven - as if flying, I did not see any angels carrying them. Their arms were raised and they flew...Then my arm reaching upwards, I went through a silver square about 2 feet by 2 feet in the ceiling as if it the metal was melting. Suddenly I was facing Jesus in a very large room with a dim light in the background. His eyes were shining with tears and his long hair dripping wet.

In the dreams and visions of seeing Jesus he is appearing as if alive and in physical form. Having also seen Prophet Muhammad in a dream after praying to God to ask me to assist peace between the Muslims and Christians, this dream was so unexpected. The discovery of a document in the morning, that is authorised and signed with several signatures with two hand prints; found at the Greek Orthodox Monastery at the foot of Mount Sinai. This being the most important document to discover in this time.

It is not the only copy. What comes with authority from God is shared. What little I know of Prophet Muhammad is sufficient to know he was taken up to heaven and met with the Lord too.

We live in times where there is defiance against God...

The message I was given 'written on my heart' from seeing Prophet Muhammad in the dream standing on a green hill surrounded by aquamarine clear water, to keep focus on him and the truth that he has shared. There was underneath the water a hook shape on sandy coloured rock and at first I thought this was a cave. I realised if there is a great flood people will be caught underneath with the current. Prophet Muhammad was looking over the water to another land - there was no bridge. Perhaps he envisioned this - The Bridge between the East and West in Constantinople joined Europe with Asia....

Everything happens for a reason...

When we are foretold something...God wants us to know!

Peace be with you
Pauline Maria

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