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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Thursday, 24 December 2015

PM David Cameron's Christmas Message

'PM invokes Jesus, Prince of Peace, in his Xmas message: Cameron says Christian values are key to making Britain a successful home for all 

  • The PM was accused of 'stoking alienation and division' with his message
  • Mr Cameron said Christians in some parts of the world were living in fear
  • He said people should remember those forced out by Bashar al-Assad 
  • Last year, Mr Cameron said that he was feeling 'evangelical' about his faith

David Cameron is expected to stress Britain's status as a Christian country in his Christmas message

David Cameron is expected to stress Britain's status as a Christian country in his Christmas message

Christian values are key to making Britain a successful home to migrants ‘of all faiths and none’, David Cameron was expected to say today.
In an overtly religious Christmas message, he emphasised the importance of peace and security at a time when millions have been forced to flee Islamic State in Syria.
The Prime Minister also warned of how Christians in some parts of the world were living in fear of persecution.'

Read the full article here.

If David Cameron completely rejects Satan and those who serve Satan, everyone can. Not everyone has renounced Satan in this land and the Church of Satan exists too.

Jesus The Christ is the Prince of Peace...not the Prince of War.

Not everyone is aware that all Authority is given to Christ and the Laws of God are very specific about any King over the House of Israel. Everyone has a right to reject any self appointed overlords who ignore this and those who go against God and His Law. 

When David Cameron pushed in the House of Lords for Royal Succession law to be changed to allow a lesbian Queen and child born by sperm donor - this was published for people to take notice of. It is not known if it was deliberately published by request of David Cameron revealing that what he was asked to do by those who have no right to rule.

Whether a baby is conceived by IVF, even a clone that has been reported by the Daily Mail too. even by getting pregnant by a fling, or from being in a Satanic Ritual the latter might be a baby promised to Satan - after all this has happened before..It is not ignored.

Persecuting the Christians is taking place by Satan's minions with injustice, plunging people into poverty with man made laws for profit.. This is happening in the United Kingdom!

How easily does the agenda at work with distracting people to a hidden enemy (of those who want to rule over lands and people) - Do not trust people you do not know and have never spoken to face to face..You know nothing of these people. Are they trustworthy? 

The soaps on television have been dumbing down the population and so when I hear people say how wonderful William and Kate are - it is nauseating..They are not wonderful at all. They have no right to rule either.. David Cameron has had a prayer said by thosuands of beleivers so that he could recieve the special annointing given to King David and Wisdom of Solomon...all the prayers in the world will not be answered by those who exploit.

It took 48 years before I saw Jesus in a dream and that was for his purpose - no one prayed for this.. He has revealed himself a few times since for his purpose. He has appeared to a few children and was seen sitting in a Church,  The map was named to cover UK. 

Jesus wearing his crown in visitations on the land area is connected with the crown wearer is a very clear message I covey.....I hope David Cameron got that message!

What anyone says and declares, the fundamental truths cannot be ignored.  But we should look as to why there is the changing of the laws that go against God...If we do not - God took notice! - It seems that quite a few people have woken up to this too. More will too.

Comments left in the article - Daily Mail

'Laughable - coming from the bloke who's helped oversee the most anti-Christian policies of any British "government" in history and making it harder than ever, bordering on the impossible to witness to the very faith he's pretending to encourage! Shame on you and you PC platitudes...(Eurosceptic)'

There are people of all religions and none living in terror across the world. I am not a Christian, but even I don't believe that the man Christians are supposed to follow would approve of Cameron trying to hijack his message. Tell me again how raining death and destruction on people has led to an increase of peace in the world? (Maedusa)

There was nothing wrong with Syria before US and UK started interfering. There is/was a substantial Christian population and several monasteries all happily tolerated. What has happened is truly tragic. I spent quite a lot of time in Syia researching early church buildings so I know what I'm talking about. I can never go back now. (Catsitter)

It would good to see Westminster practicing good Christian values (most of which are shared by other faiths). Does Camoron actually know what the 10 commandments mean plus "Love thy neighbour as thyself"? Illegal military action and regime change would indicate otherwise? (yet another comment)

MOSES said come forth but unfortunately here in the UK we always to come 5th The whole ethos of Great Britain WAS Christianity its just a pity those in charge do not care enough to ensure it stays that way.(GBT)

How dare he mention Jesus when he is dropping bombs on innocent little kids at Christmas. NOT IN MY NAME. (Karen Dunlop)

if he really believed in Christian values he wouldn't be in politics. People wanted to make Jesus king but he said "my kingdom is no part of this world" (blodwen)

A young Sky reporter said that David Cameron had been criticised in his Christmas message for saying that we a Christian Country "because of course we are no longer a Christian country but a multi faith country." Clearly her recent "British values" education failed to point out that Christianity is officially the state religion with the monarch as head of the established Church of England. (AR!)

Of the many comments in the news, these are just a few. 

One final comment, when people are asked to pray for their leaders - interpretation of the Word of God can present various perspectives; as revealed by the Holy Spirit within. 

This is what I suggest you consider very carefully

Pray that anyone who is placed in a position of responsibility for the caretaking of any people, that they make the right decisions and serve as a servant of God in truth. Pray that all that cause oppression, harm,  loss, injustice, destitution and death -violations to God's law are corrected and/or removed from having any power over the people who belong to God. (We know God made a commandment not to kill - this applies to everyone)

Pray that no one has any influence over any people to cause suffering, harm, loss or death - Pray to break any hold and negative influence and demonic power over you. 

Pray that no one can use any power or powers, to our detriment,  or other people, whoever they are. And pray that you are delivered from evil - as Jesus instructed to pray.

Pray to have courage and humility in this Holy Time.

Christmas is a time to exchange hugs not promoting debt.

A sincere hug has far more meaning than any material gift.

Peace be with you
Pauline Maria

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