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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Sunday, 20 December 2015

Prayer Message What I Need to Know 20th December

The time is now 0:14 am with the clock turning to Sunday 20th December 2015. Noting the time and date is for personal reference that can be used to expand further if we choose to do so.

Earlier today wrote to the Council Office for the second time. After violating me several months ago, ignoring my pleas with saying I had already paid my Council Tax to these God mockers, they not only threatened me with court, I had to pay more only to recieve a check with a refund I want detailed as to why.

No apology was given and it is expected - not because I need it. A lip service apology while enduring being violated by this God mocking system of officials has no value whatsoever Learning that even the elderly have been threatened with prison for non payment of Council Tax. Diabolical - of the devil!

So while a Royal birthright is still being all of us...

Before opening the Holy Bible at the above time and date, I closed my eyes and asked God - Please guide me to what you want me to know - as has been shared on this page many times before.

Opening the page, the Scripture I am reading is touching my thumb. The thumb is symbolic of the crown and crown chakra and it is specifically with maintaining direct focus on God, as he reveals His Truth in this way too. These scriptures cannot be denied and cannot be argued about...For what is written is written:

Theses are the precise scripture messages shown today:

20 Then David said to Solomon his son, “Be strong and of good courage, and do it. Fear not, be not dismayed; for the Lord God, even my God, is with you. He will not fail you or forsake you, until all the work for the service of the house of the Lord is finished. 21 And behold the divisions of the priests and the Levites for all the service of the house of God; and with you in all the work will be every willing man who has skill for any kind of service; also the officers and all the people will be wholly at your command.” 1 Chronicles 28:20-21

The message is very clear indeed...I must continue..

Summary of David’s Reign

26 Thus David the son of Jesse reigned over all Israel27 The time that he reigned over Israel was forty years; he reigned seven years in Hebron, and thirty-three years in Jerusalem. 28 Then he died in a good old age, full of days, riches, and honor; and Solomon his son reigned in his stead. 29 Now the acts of King David, from first to last, are written in the Chronicles of Samuel the seer, and in the Chronicles of Nathan the prophet, and in the Chronicles of Gad the seer30 with accounts of all his rule and his might and of the circumstances that came upon him and upon Israel, and upon all the kingdoms of the countries. 1 Chronicles 29:26-30
There are people who still argue that the Holy Bible is wrong and yet they have never even opened a page to read the content. The last message given that was shown with my Right thumb has again been a reminder by God through prayer to be guided to the message that he wants me to know - that actually what we are meant to know is written.
I am placing my hands together in prayer and reading both of what is revealed and can indeed have the choice to look further to what is revealed from the time and also the date.
Of the date 20th December, I am looking up Revelation 20:12
12 And I saw the dead, great and small, standing before the throne, and books were opened. Another book was opened, which is the book of life. The dead were judged according to what they had done as recorded in the books.
With the time, Revelation 14 it is written
1Then I looked, and there before me was the Lamb, standing on Mount Zion, and with him 144,000 who had his name and his Father’s name written on their foreheads. Revelation 14:1
If people take the time to read the warnings of putting a king over the people who is not chosen by God or indeed a Queen, the price is very high indeed. Not only is injustice the norm with perhaps deals made with Satan - the police have said this land (England) is ruled by dark forces so I write sharing this as a reminder. Who do you serve?
England is not ruled over by Dark Forces. God is not subservient to Satan however I do not know what it will take to wake people up to what is going on. It is approaching Christmas day and all year I have been telling people every day is Christmas day. I think of Jesus every day as someone who is alive. He is the King of the House of Israel. The Spirit of God is in Christ and those who reject Christ easily reject God what will he do?
Slowly slowly I am revealing what is given to me - here in writing. Other people who are receiving messages in a way that invite our awareness to be open to understanding with validation too.
What is revealed today in the message mainly concerns the House of the Lord. To my understanding everyone can be a partaker building this Kingdom to God but it requires some changes and there will be those who need to relinquish power ...or they will be removed. Justice will be done, eventually.
Divine Justice will be done absolutely. 
Peace be with you
Pauline Mari

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