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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Friday, 4 December 2015

Ronda Empson Message from Jesus 25th July 2015

With what has been happening in our world, discovering this lady is with listening also her message. It is evident that the enemy of Christ has no value for human life. He kills to hurt Jesus and provoke reactions - revealed in one message given to me, it will be the Wrath of the Father that will come.

There are people hearing in the Spirit The Voice of the Lord - and in experience he is also appearing in dreams. It is important to pay attention to what is being revealed in the dreams as Rhonda has.

In these very serious times, we watch as there are people eager to be paid and also make decisions to the detriment of mankind. The decisions made now will bring repercussions. Rhonda's message is indeed a very important one that I am sharing because she validates that Jesus is preserving and protecting people.

Some additional videos 26th September 2015

There is also the revealing of exposing what is in the freezer and not to rely totally on frozen food because in the event of a power cut this food will be ruined. Sometimes logical explanations can be given and with dreams they are multi-layered. If there is a power cut on earth - the power of man is cut.

Video title 'Praise God!!! His timing is perfect!!!' 28th November 2015

Relationships approved by God will be guided with His love.

We are all souls incarnated in a physical body and so the caretaker of souls is the Creator - The One who ensured that people know about our soul-connection did not forget us. As family we are connected too. The expression God is watching over us is being validated in different ways.

Notice that Rhonda is eager to understand the symbolism of dreams - the spiritual symbolism and identifying names with their meanings. With the Holy Spirit, this is also given to help us see....we are also given the Holy Spirit to understand what God wants us to understand. In the Spirit, many people can receive the same message at the same time - as with love, it is not physical. Love is felt in each others hearts.

Notice also that Rhonda has shared the experience of someone else - she has been 'guided' to connect with Tracy Simms and share the message, as I have been guided to find Rhonda's messages to share. The lights of truth are not deceptive but are validating what is meant to be known about. The people who are seeing Jesus Christ is because he wants people to know that he is communicating and validating his word.

Finally sharing this video  Fireworks/rockets....Israel                                                                                                                          

In the comments, someone asked Rhonda to explain what she means when she states 'like I was there and not there' - my understanding is that Rhonda was in her physical place at the time wherever located, ie USA but in the Spirit she was taken to be an observer and witness to what is going on somewhere else.

A song is mentioned 'You have never been this far before' (Rhonda recognises as her personal experience) This might also relate to being the first time having this type of dream experience to reveal truth.

Rhonda continues with the lyrics actually heard.. 'You have no way of knowing but tonight will make me love you more' - We can only examine within our being when 'as this' purely being in an observational dream. The Spirit is within our being and in prayer we can ask for the understanding to be given. When the dreamer has explained we can also relate to the explained experience (as we watch movies depicting scenes)

A relationship identified 'did not feel good' (instinctive)..'Man angry man in his nature' (reason why?). Other detail identifies 'fireworks', 'Jewish children' and 'down the road' - to the RIGHT, was a man Rhonda 'knew' she was supposed to marry - the light blue pick up truck belonging to a 'SERVANT', 'Humble man'...

The Holy Spirit is revealing the Truth to Ronda.

Fireworks are significant in the Jewish wedding and something else - Rhonda has spoken of the Bride of Christ in other videos- with the Holy Bible identifying the wedding supper of the Lamb. We cannot be sure it is directly related, we are reminded of this. We cannot ignore this possibility. The dream suggested there will be a change in relationship and a wedding that is supposed to take place 'if it is God's will - it will happen'.

Israel is identified. The House of Israel that has intermarried and it is quite possible that the marriage that is 'meant to be' is to unite people - brothers and sisters of the lost tribes 'with love'

Something else, people who are servants of God, will find conflict with people who are not knowingly and willingly serving God. Identification of Jewish children and Servant - it he Jewish and humble, someone who is serving God knowingly and willingly? The old truck - (not seeking the latest style) pale blue

'Blue is the symbol of the Word and healing power of God'

More video messages can be found here

May Rhonda's video messages bless you and inspire faith.

Peace be with you
Pauline Maria

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