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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Vladimir Putin and the Russian Orthodox Church

Not everyone is willing to listen to what someone says...

Highly recommended to watch all these videos and listen...

Vadimir Putin speaks about the Russian Orthodox Church.

Vladimir Putin in the Orthodox Church Jerusalem 2012

'President Putin visiting monks at the Church of the Holy Sepulcher. He also talked to rabbis Berl Lazar and Adolf Shaevich5:
Putin attended an early morning vigil at the Church of the Holy Sepulcher. Putin was met by Father Superior Isidore and Patriarch of Jerusalem Theofilos III at the entrance to the church.The Patriarch told President Putin, "Христос воскрес!", which means, Christ is Risen! The Russian president answered back, Воистину воскрес!", which means, Truly he has risen! Putin knelt and prayed at the Anointing Stone and visited the site where Jesus Christ is believed to have been buried. He also visited Calvary, the site of the crucifixion, as well as the Western Wall in the Old Town - a key place of pilgrimage and prayer in Judaism. He met with Berl Lazar and Adolf Shayevich, the chief rabbis representing the two main religious trends in the Russian Jewish community./

President Vladimir Putin's Christian Faith - in his own words.

Faith is very personal to each and everyone...

There are people who have been robbed of a spiritual birthright perhaps because the Godless have a purpose, but it is before our generation the degeneration began. Russia is preserving truths that we are to know about - preserving the evidence of ancient history and built on a foundation of faith, Orthodoxy remains.

Sharing the Wikipedia articles on the Russian Orthodox Church FYA

On 17 May 2007, the Russian Orthodox Church Outside Russia signed the Act of Canonical Communion with the Moscow Patriarchate. According to the provisions of the Act, the Moscow Patriarchate guarantees that ROCOR will maintain its independent hierarchy, continuing to be "an indissoluble, self-governing part of the Local Russian Orthodox Church," the only change being that when she elects a new First Hierarch, his election must be confirmed by the Patriarch of Moscow. In turn, ROCOR recognizes the Patriarch of Moscow as the head of the entire Russian Orthodox Church.

Russian Orthodox chanting famous hymn of Lent Liturgy "Let my prayer arise like the candle light before you."

In these days I  have been praying for the Lord to have mercy on us and the whole world - to save us from what is to come with knowing that while many people are dreading another great war, we are all warned to dread the day with the coming of the Great Lord. We are to dread God's wrath - knowing this is for a reason.
In one of the heart to heart, souls to soul messages from Jesus, it became clear that there are people being deliberately kept in spiritual darkness and with the heavy promotion of the false idols even prayer time being distracted too., When our focus is on the material way of life we are distracted from the spiritual essence, the part of our being that communicates with God and is receptive to a personal relationship with Christ.

When I first took notice of Vladimir Putin, I thought he is a man of a serious disposition and highly intelligent - conscious and conscientious. He knows his experiences and choices. He knows the way to save souls  and he also knows what is really going on behind closed doors in our world. He is not weak willed. 

If anything Vladimir would most probably say, what others would not dare to say. He is not a man who will be intimidated, Nevertheless, with such intelligent people, we must also read deeply into what they are saying. Not to take what they say out of context, but to understand that sometimes a message must be conveyed in a way that the people who are meant to listen to this message will also understand. 

If one man is courageous and stands with integrity, he gives other people to do the same. If one man sits and commands people's attention because he has integrity - he encourages by influence other people to do the same. It is not a competition for leadership with power over people or inflating egos and manly power.

Peace be with you
Pauline Maria

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