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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Friday, 12 January 2018

Amen, Amen, Amen Message Part 2 11th January 2018

Just as I put the paper and pen to the side following the previous message, the Spirit of the Lord said 'Amen, Amen, Amen'

So to continue with the message that followed as written:

11th January 2018
Start time 14:56
End time 15:25

Amen, Amen, Amen: They say they want and they want but they do not do My Will. They do not serve righteous justice and they do not correct their errors in judgement. 
They who want to rule have no part on My Holy Courts for the Lord of Righteousness does not manipulate with lies and serve injustice for a bribe as they do. 
You are alive because you did not hold onto your life; In facing death you asked Jesus; the Yahushua of Mine, How can I help you Jesus? Help me to help you according to your will and guide me in the right way to understand clearly your word; and so you are richly rewarded.
You think at times you are poor, you are richly rewarded for not all have this abundance flowing and the ones who do are not gathering to themselves, but gathering and warning for the great repentance of all. 
The wicked will continue to be wicked until no more.
The lawgivers who corrupt my law will be cut with the sword and may the Sword of Truth reign forever - The Sword of Truth is the Word of God as written and validates all that was before.
What horror will befall mankind if the man does not turn his heart and mind towards me. And the princes that rule in rebellion to me, how can they survive with no soul? When they are dead they are dead; they will not rise again.
My Nobles were to execute judgement and you are one who they have executed misjudgement without fear of the Lord.
How can I change that which does not want to change despite so many warnings and requests? They still refuse to do right by you and you my dear child are not subject to the God mockers. 
The government either serve me in righteousness or they do not. There is no fear to get rid of evil out of man by the Son of man; so they do not fear to reform their ways in the true fearing God consequences. 
They are paid a wage; the wage is more important than righteous rule and they drink contamination and are not sober minded when they vote.
The land of deception to people manipulate the voters to elect those who do not serve me in truth. 
Man's policies are God's Judgement on those who rob and inflict harm and suffering to my people. They divide families and tear away children and babies from mothers who have been born in this time for a reason. 
And the pressure and hatred towards my people leads to illness and stress and frustrations they cannot express.
Understand this my child: you were long equipped with understanding and they rejected you - My Credible Witness - stating in a court of law 'you are wholly unreliable'. 
They denied your professional training by ensuring these were never shown, but I moved your heart to bring them to the courtroom and they feared if you expose them the court of many lies will be exposed. Well it is already.
The man who judged is not a bad man. He was mislead and the lies by the barristers were planned well ahead. You know it. You were told this by a barrister in Manchester 'they are going to try and discredit you and deny your professional training'; - There with you were witnesses.
To then and suddenly they change venue, hoping you will drop the case, you were to be an easy target to rob by their contract that they broke and did not fulfil their obligations.
You had an opportunity to speak out with experience to discover all cases like this are silenced and the court is corrupted every day. 
In the same year 2003 a war began to slaughter for profit and control - a king of a diabolical kingdom with lies and why do you think I made my truth known to you Princess? Why you?
The scriptures write this all in truth that judgement and justice will come. The Queen of Justice sought the wisdom of Solomon. The Queen of Justice sought divine wisdom and found Christ. 
They who reject you reject me and they who reject Christ do not have the Father or the Son. 
As it is written, so it is done. 
Where are My Courts?
Where is My Righteous Rule? 
Flee away from me you devils and demons, You are banished forever. You  have no place in the kingdom of heaven;
Come my children, wipe your tears'

When God gave me this cup of suffering, it changed me - in many ways for the better. If I had been a judge, I would never be talked into rejecting credible evidence from a courtroom. Since I have been told professional qualifications and professional training cannot be denied by any court.

God is My Judge...and the Judges Judge is who? Whoever is over the Judges and Barristers who lie and then bury corruption? God knows that too.

Of the scriptures in relation to the times it is written:

For many bore false witness against Jesus, but their testimony was inconsistent. (Mark 14:56)

For he must reign until he has put all his enemies under his feet. (1 Corinthians 15:25)

In the realisation God really does see and know all, God also knows who are the enemies of the people and of Jesus Christ. They have been tested many times and there is arrogance that has been never known possible. Yes God knows!

Your prayers and support are appreciated.

God bless you.

Peace be with you
Pauline Maria 

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