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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Sunday, 14 January 2018

AntiChrist - Dajjal | Shaikh Imran Hosein 2018 London UK

As we move into the culmination of events as written in biblical prophesy, with warnings already written and prophetic visions found in the Holy Bible, the truth fundamental is not silenced for Muslims who must also seek the truth and pray.

A few years ago, I came across an Islamic scholar whose political understanding matched his ability to clarify and explain prophesies with written signs given to Muslims. His lectures were helpful to consider a bigger picture.

Shaikh Imran Hosein discusses and explains - bringing real life comparisons to understand more. This is a pattern with my own experience - as when I was guided to discover his lectures a few years ago and this timely lecture.

Shaikh Imran Hosein, now aged 75 gives his most emotionally charged lecture on the Dajjal (Anti Christ), and holds nothing back.

Direct link to the Youtube video :

The Anti Christ - Dajjal | Shaikh Imran Hosein | 2018 | London UK

The detail of the described Dajjal is clearly given.

Even though the video title is clearly identified, this is an expansive lecture that also corrects errors and also identifies there is a promised Messiah

Who serves God in truth gathers believers..but not to himself we must remember this - he gathers and points to God. I learned Prophet Muhammad never wanted fame and that in a film made about his life he is not even shown.

As an Orthodox Christian - Imran Hosain identified something, knowingly or not, that is actually in alignment with Prophet Muhammad's promise.
Having seen Prophet Muhammad in a dream twice, I can accept something is gong on out of the realms of Godless man. The Holy Spirit of the Lord is clearly revealing truths and even showing clearly what is relevant to know.

These experiences are validating scriptures.

In the Holy Bible there is a scripture that identifies the throne (of God) is in heaven and the earth is His footstool....something to think about.

One time opening the Noble Quran I was guided to a page while talking to a Muslim over the telephone to read about pillars of light...The night before I had a dream seeing a pillar of light. In the dream there was a huge rock by a white painted house. These pillars are written to be upholding the heavens...

Something to think about carefully too..

The Holy Spirit within allows us to SEE what God wants to reveal. As I did not know what was written in the Quran, God validated to me directly.

There are Muslims saying Jesus is a MUSLIM, well actually Jesus is legally by his birthright Jewish. He is born to a Hebrew mother who married a man that united many tribes of people. Jesus is not a possession to war over. Jesus is The vessel of truth God ensured mankind is preserved in knowing His Truth.

One cannot say God is English or an Arab. Mortal man thinks in mortal ways of limitation; while God is trying hard to help us evolve to higher awareness.

When people are ready the teacher will arrive.

Sincere in prayers, with any revelation from God by the Holy Spirit will be with proof that God really does exist and rules over all... He allows good and evil for a reason. We are all learning lessons. God is not a religion. 

The preparation for a relationship with God began long ago and it is very cruel to keep people in conformity to man. Who tells people this personal relationship with God is not possible? For this reason God will prove otherwise!

The enemy of mankind does not want people to be free!

Peace be with you
Pauline Maria

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