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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Tuesday, 23 January 2018

'Bless Those Who Put Food On Your Table; Bless Who Bless Thee' 22nd January 2018

Over a few days the Spirit of the Lord said 'Bless those who put food on your table'  that I remember to be three times - different times.

The first time I heard the Spirit of the Lord speak with these words - I was on the way to collect a lady with vascular dementia to give her daughter respite. This is unpaid and the deteriorating awareness is something I am meant to witness and know (as someone who questions conditions, there must also be a cause - God knows the cause and the cure)

In my professional expertise, training and understanding - the mind can diminish in function with consuming chemicals - toxins, medications, trauma - psychological and/or physical. head and neck injury even whiplash injury, shock, stress enduring - sudden and/or extreme. All these and more can contribute to symptoms of forgetfulness and fragmented thinking process. Once the brain wiring system is broken no pill is going to fix this that is for sure. But something else takes place.

With great concern over many years seeing adverse programming on society brainwashing even for sales, the propaganda is psychological warfare. With all the technological gadgets and radio waves, microwaves etc  energies are interfering with brain activity and functioning too. I was silenced and stunted to progress in learning - exactly as this was meant to be too.

My understanding is not superficial...

God is showing us that He cannot be silenced - though I did not see my role in the unfolding divine plan. Notice the revival that is taking place.

Usually the Spirit of the Lord gives his word inside my home. The word to bless people was first given OUTSIDE. On the tree lined path lined, I pray when walking  - This path used for physiotherapy to walk again.

This time when given the same words preceding the message, I did not note the message start time- just the end time (We are in the end times)

Message 22nd January 2018
Message end 15:39

'Bless those who put food on your table'

'Bless those who bless thee, saith the Lord'.

'Eat of me dear one as I feed you my word saith the Spirit of the Lord. I will avenge those who avenge me saith the Lord.
Those who curse you I will curse forever more and I will pull back all my children out of the snares of the devil.
They want your life and I will take theirs and the Will of The Almighty will reign forever. 
They will hear me who listen to you and those who align with Lord Jesus Christ as he is known in your land will be saved in the salvation of souls. 
If they do not seek diligently the truth of the Lord and Saviour how can the be saved? Tell them this saith the Lord.
The evil done to my people will not be forgiven and the yoke of wickedness upon my people will be broken. 
Set them free, he says, Set them free - but no one listens.
They are under the impression of safety when there is no safety with man who rejects the Lord Almighty.
They want war and bloodshed and they want you silence. 
You are just a vessel used by me - a tried and tested stone to see if you will do right by the people. Yes you have been selfish and insecure making decisions that do not serve you in your spiritual role. You are called and chosen.
But look at her people; will she serve unjust justice? 
Will she destroy the homes of those who go against her?
Will she throw a mother and child on the street?
Will she snatch a suckling babe from her mothers breast?
No she will not. 
Open your eyes to what is happening in your land.
I gave you the Grace if the Almighty one because you do not belong to Satan. And all who live on the land are under the power of that which is not holy.
They rejected me saith the Spirit of the Lord and in rejecting me they rejected you.
They worship the dead and yet the dead cannot bring them life and truth, for the truth they say are lies. They worship prophets to profit for a cause; those chosen to prepare the way for my coming and they ask for more and more.
When a prophet is done, he is done and those who deny the prophet sent by God The Almighty are a cursed nation. 
Those who keep people in the past without allowing progression are cursed and those who pretend to serve me when I have not given my word will be exposed. 
When the time comes, the prophets of Baal will run when the people cry out to be saved by them. 
The Prophet of God leads people to the Christ one and He leads people to the Father of mankind. 
How many ask this or do they ask for more and more? 
The offerings they ask for - yet the printed sheets and envelopes are they the food store?
In the church congregation there are people who are ill and unable to eat and pay their bills; and the community there are people who wonder about the Spirit of the Lord and yet cannot afford to go to church for they have nothing to live on.
The society where you live is creating beggars and prostitutes. Women alone will be faced to stay alone in their struggle or marry to be preserved. 
Your land is not promoting the sacred marriage union any more. Many women live with men with no security at all.
The men today are not like they used to be in days of old. They knew their responsibility in the family and community. Even a weak man was strong in the Lord and a wise man would never cause any woman to fall.
The holy man will lift  a woman up in his prayers and word and not look down on her.
Women are not pieces of meat to be  plummeted, bashed and then left on the floor. i will lift the women up in this generation.
The war on women will be no more once the antichrist reign is done. The antichrist hates women. He has no regard for people at all.
I will raise up my lowly ones and heal the broken hearted ones too. Tears will turn to smiles and joy at the coming of the Lord will be known.
When they say Blessed is he who comes in the name of the lord' then they will know me in truth. Tell them this. 
Tell them to seek me with all their heart and mind and if they follow their idols, they will be lost. 
It is written to worship the Lord your God with all your heart and love him like no other and when you reject all others you will find me; as I am yours - tell them this; saith the Lord.
You must break the curse on your land by first seeking the Lord and serving no other. 
I love you my people but you have rejected me and so I show you the gifts of the Holy Spirit. 
Wisdom is the way of the Lord that uplifts people.
Judgement is with punishment for betrayal.
Where is your allegiance to me? saith the Lord Almighty. I wait. 

Of the end time of this message, the scriptures write:

When four thousand men, women and children were fed ' After Jesus had dismissed the crowds, He got into the boat and went to the region of Magadan. (Matthew 15:39)

Now when the centurion, who stood facing him, saw that in this way he breathed his last, he said, “Truly this man was God’s Son" (Mark 15:39)

All flesh is not the same flesh: but there is one kind of flesh of men, another flesh of beasts, another of fishes, and another of birds. (I Corinthians 15:39)

“For as it is hurtful to drink wine or water alone; and as wine mingled with water is pleasant, and delighteth the taste: even so speech finely framed delighteth the ears of them that read the story. And here shall be an end.” (2 Maccabees 15:39)

Avenge is a verb. To avenge is to punish a wrongdoing with the intent of seeing justice done.

After this message I opened a folding card envelope that arrived by post with a BILLY GRAHAM CD. Inside another envelope asks for monetary gifts -with words written 'Yes I want to help share this message of hope across the UK and the world'

98 year old, Billy Graham's son Franklin is President of the BGEA. With what might be a mass produced message - not personally signed  'it is my prayer that each hymn is a reminder of Jesus love for you'.  We love to hear from you, May God richly bless you'........

It is written with an image of a young Billy Graham on a stage with an audience, `In 1954 GOD STARTED A MOVEMENT THAT SWEPT THE ENTIRE people were prepared the year after Queen Elizabeth II was crowned. 

A simple message was given for me to follow through..'Bless those who put food on your table' and Bless those who bless thee' - said the Spirit of the Lord.

Billy and Franklin Graham, God bless you.

The precision of the envelope in the message was not confirmed as expected. Also I know once my role is done, no one in my family can take over. God has his plan already written down; and I give my all to Jesus Christ

When a prophet is done, he is done and those who deny the prophet sent by God The Almighty are a cursed nation.

The role of the son is going to be a different one.

God knows the truth....the truth about everything.

Peace be with you
Pauline Maria

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