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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
♥ Campaigning for justice, global peace, healing and taking care of the world we live in ♥

Wednesday, 24 January 2018

If Palestinians Are Proven To Be Genetically Jewish...

A very serious question to consider with what is happening in our world in these times; hopefully will diffuse the wave of adverse influence.

Have we not all got the right to live in peace?

When did you last ask an Israeli what he or she really believes?

Do your view change about people because of their cultural, religious and spiritual identity? Would you be willing to compromise your own?
We cannot continue in the state of living in anxiety, fear, hatred, oppression, or being coerced to take sides politically to hugely flawed human beings.

When anyone is coerced to take oaths and made subject to God mockers - is this any different than being made to follow an extremist religious ideology - masked in different guises even with the same ends. We are compromised. We are trained to take sides: - denied our God given spiritual rights and way of life.

There are lessons being played out in our world and to remain apart from the trial wars and gangs, is a choice not everyone knows about.

Whether you are aware of what is happening in the land you live or your focus taken overseas with the media - just remember there is no law whatsoever to prevent the media from lying. This is how people can be adversely influenced to act and make choices to the detriment to theirselves and other people.

No sane person in their right mind would wish death on anyone. And no on who is a Christian should be wishing death of family related to Jesus Christ.

There's something to think about. Think carefully.

So in removing the veil of ignorance - meaning not knowing the truth, I can recollect one time speaking with a man with beautiful eyes and voice, that I asked 'Where are you from?' He replied 'I am an Israeli'

While giving me a hand treatment, I asked what did he think can be done about the Israeli and Palestinian conflict. As I recollect he replied;

'Israelis and Arabs have been arguing and fighting for years. They lived side by side many years before in peace. The fighting and arguing has to stop.' 

Asking what he thought would be the best message I could convey to the people in these times. As I can recollect he replied,

Tell them  'Do you really want your children and grandchildren to live in this world knowing endless war.'  This is the most important message You must give to the people from Your heart...Speak from your heart to theirs'

His words reached right in my heart that I had tears in my eyes being moved spiritually. This is a subject I do not feel qualified to discuss over the internet; speaking openly - Instead I cried many tears and pray for Global peace and healing knowing there is a multi-layered healing need.

The spiritual connection between people does not go away and the reason this Jewish connection remains is a mystery - or perhaps not.

This is a video where Israeli Jews are approached and asked questions. The main question and most important one to begin with is:

If it is discovered that Palestinians are genetically Jewish from 2000 years ago, would it change your views on the conflict? 

And this is a question we can all ask ourselves honestly.


Jesus said 'love one another...' Every word has meaning.

People have lost loved ones over the generations. Divide blocks love that should flow from the essence of our being. Do we even know the truth?

If we do not feel care, compassion, love for people, with want for people to live in peace, we are compeltely out of touch with God.

To judge a entire people in a way that condemns all, is also in error. We have no right to judge. He have opinions based on what we know.

Even the judge in a court bases his judgement on his opinion and the evidence presented. When the evidence is corrupted, omitted, discredited his opinion and judgement is flawed and the misjudgement destroys confidence in the court. No excuse can change his decision once it has been done. War is a decision; planned well ahead...millions of innocent people are killed in wars too.

If you give excuses for war, what are you?

There is no alternative for humanity but to consider reconciliation and also to ensure only ethical lawyers and judges work in the law courts too.

The right to live in peace is God given - also the right for people to stand up for the injustice in our world is God given too.

Why is it so many people are being trained to kill for war and yet find it difficult to see their opponent as family - all have a right to live in peace.

Yet the healing need is great in our world. The children of the new generation already know the world they want to live in. They are teachers today.

One time in prayer, asking God what he wanted me to know, I opened a page of the Holy Bible that was cupped in my hands at the time. The Book of Esther revealed a message so clear that I have never forgotten:

'If anyone harms the Jews they will surely come to ruin'

That day I wondered 'Am I Jewish? 'Is God telling me 'You are Jewish?'- though no answer came....I had been under spiritual attack with injury and this is what was being impressed as a reminder at the time: Trust God alone.

Realising in my complicated genealogy there might be a Jewish ancestry makes sense. Something else. Inheritance law is highlighted in my life with stolen inheritance and corrupt Greek lawyers breaking the law that they not only lie to me and to the High Court in England by sending a sworn dishonest affidavit. The High Court  former registrar told me I need to go to the Chancery court and that will cost a lot of money with no regards that I will win. (because of this)

With Jesus being Jewish - he knows of the corruption of the law and what happened in history too, The rights of the people are not divided at all. What happened over the course of history has shown birthright is significant in the divine plan and also where there is division, God also has his plan too.

Jesus is Jewish - this is not denied in Jewish law. He gains his birthright from his mother being born from her womb. So ANYONE who tried to rule over His family by deception, surely God knows too. Preservation is by who?

Ignorance is not bliss. Truth is truth too
The lust for power and want of war will take lives and not feed into the war agenda and hate. The movement of peace is not just for one land or one people but a choice we all make in this World - God's Kingdom.

Historically decisions were made and even the Jews were scattered so I learned because of their disobedience to God. People have moved in droves from land to land. People are longing for something many souls may have forgotten.

Do we even know where our ancestors were from?

Do you have a God given Jewish birthright?

Peace be with you
Pauline Maria


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