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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Wednesday, 31 January 2018

'They Do Not Recognise You But They Will' Message 31st Jamuary 2018

Message 31st January 2018
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You are already where you need to be right now. They do not recognise you but they will. The gift you have been given is for all people in all nations. Those who pray for you - pray for them; and those who bless you - bless them.
You are being shown the light in Christ while others are shown torment and horror. You are shown the peaceful still waters while others see the great tidal wave coming. Who can still the waters? You know others have forgotten to know? Who can bring peace to the nations while the rages of chaos and confusion feed this world?
Who can take a light out of this world not by a switch? 
And it is as easy as turning a light off that the Lord Almighty will bring an end to the evil rule on this earth.  
Now the workers of iniquity do what they are told. Do they pray? No! So they continue to work iniquity on my people following orders to be paid; and none say anything because they are scared.  
The evil one has hold of their hearts and minds and it gets worse by each day.
My simple people who are not attached to a religious following know me too, it is just they have forgotten too. 
So you have a role to remind them of the one who does not oppress or beat his people into slavery; and they robbed my inheritance too.   
You will collect for me what is mine and you will see who is the enemy of yours is the enemy of mine; and he who does not understand the Spiritual way and healing hearts is not on that path just yet. 
He will return to see when the works you do are recognised; and yet the hand that neglected you, rejected my calling for you for which you were long prepared and chosen for.
They reject Christ so the Father turns his attention to their prayers. They want but they do not get because what they want does not bring them closer to me or the truth that leads them in righteousness too.
I listen in my heart and soul to those who pray at home sobbing their heart out wanting to know I am real. And yet if I reveal before they are ready, they will be made to forget to put away he idea of seeing me, so to protect them I do not.
The broken are broken enough already and for some the threads of family ties are few. They are not ready to let go and follow me completely and they are not ready to hear my voice.
When they are ready they will know but my message to the broken ones  is comfort and love. 
I have been the cushion you rest on and the one you wholly rely on in truth. 
Those who reject your determination to study and make a positive difference - they are nothing to do with me. And those who want to cast you out of your house are the enemy of me - tell them that too.
The Queen of righteousness is no more. Her traitors are to my people causing suffering and loss. They have no respect for her and have no regard for their soul either. 
My Ones are children uncontaminated by this world and the praying children are in the vehicle that is under attack. The schools influence and each; and only if they serve God the Father in truth are the children entrusted to the Son. 
Here I am Pauline, Here I am. You will see me again soon. 
Be prepared my dear for my coming is not without reason. I will talk to you face to face about matters concerning you.
Your soul was long prepared  for this long journey you must take and I want you to wrap yourself around me as I will lead you in righteousness for my people.
You attract curiosity and I will take you far away from those who hate. 
I live for my simple ones not the arrogant who war; and you deserve the peaceful living without confrontation and war. 
This is not the way of the Holy Spirit.
You are given to confront authorities who err and trample down officials with the truth so they can know God the Almighty and Fear God alone, for all will be judged with what they do - even you.
I will take the matter in hand to mend the breech in trust for the error to cut you down was not as I wanted. 
Tokens of love are when given with love the reminders you are loved. 
Once people realise how much you love and pray for forgiveness, they will see the vessel of truth more clearly.
You cannot be a healer without healing energy flowing through you and you trained to assist healing. 
The one who calls herself a teacher did not know what you were chosen to do.
You pray for the miracles not asked for yet are granted to you because you will win souls for Christ the redeemer - a role I did not ask for.
The Father let them punish me so they can learn from their experiences. The moment they killed me - to sentence to death, they lost favour with God. 
Today the murderers are many and they want to destroy the truth too. They are not Holy Orthodox as you are mine too.
The Father knows what He must do to gather the family back. Not all will follow the way of Truth. The rebellious son must search his heart if he wants to be saved or lost forever.
A wedding is being planned in your land and you are not invited. Yet love comes through prayer when two hearts are ready to be together. Remember this word'

End of message.

With the content of this message, scriptures are identified.

The face of the LORD is against evildoers, To cut off the memory of them from the earth. (Psalm 34:16)

Who covers yourself with light as with a garment: who stretches out the heavens like a curtain: (Pslam 104:2)

Who alone stretches out the heavens And tramples down the waves of the sea (Job 9:8)

But Jesus was saying, "Father, forgive them; for they do not know what they are doing " And they cast lots, dividing up His garments among themselves. (Luke 23:34)

"To the Lord our God belong compassion and forgiveness, for we have rebelled against Him; (Daniel 9:9)

Peace be with you
Pauline Maria

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