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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Friday, 12 January 2018

Time Is Coming When I Will Separate The Sheep From The Goats - Byron Searle


“Time is coming when I will separate the sheep from the goats” A Prophetic Word To Byron Searle

Matthew 25:31-46

The Lord says: my son, as I said before, the time is coming when I will separate the sheep from the goats. The sheep will be on my right hand, the goats on my left. Those are my right hand, I will welcome into my kingdom that has been prepared for them. Those on the left, to eternal damnation. My son, those of my house have been divided into the sheep and goats. Does this mean that all those separated on the goat side have no chance of becoming sheep? No, I will forgive all those that come to me, but I know the ending. I know the ones that will come to me and those who will not. I desire that all men are saved, but the reality is the road to destruction is wide and many go that way.
My son, you can see the division in America. Those on the right are the majority of bible-believing, God-fearing people. Those on the left are not God-fearing, but God-mocking, reprobate-minded people. Those on the left can still be saved; however, they choose this world over me.
In the year 2018, you will see this division grow wider. The clashes between right and left, right and wrong will be more violent as the left will see their sin exposed. Those on the left hand will hate those on my right hand and will try anything to get away with harming them. But I have my own, those in the right-hand, protected from the evil that is being unleashed.
My son, 2018 will be the year of evil. Things that make you gasp in horror now will be as child’s play. Most heinous will be used more in 2018 than any other words concerning the severity of violence. Just as in the days of Noah, violence was so common, so it will be now. Just as the days of Lot, homosexual activity will increase to such that the abomination will be everywhere from small children to aged seniors. My son, America will not be great again – ever. This nation will continue to digress to captivity. I am coming soon.
Messiah Jesus

Wrath Coming For Believing Parents Who Willingly Teach Their Children Baal – Byron Searle

Jer.9:12-16, 23-26
The Lord says, my son, these words I speak to you so that you may warn my people of the terrible days ahead. The words you read show how man will walk after vain imaginations and teach their children to follow after Baal. This is a picture of my people, who not only walk but run after vain imaginations. My people who are called by my name teach their children unheard sins after the teachings of Baal, but I will feed these people from my cup of wrath and give them gall to drink for water.
 My people have been led astray by wolves in sheep’s clothing, taking from them the very spark that I put in each person. These usurpers have robbed my children of life eternal, and my children are too blind to see anything. I am sending a sword to consume them; it is only by this that my people will wake up and come to me.
My son, I know that this is a hard word, but I have called you to hear my voice and warm my people. If I do not warn them, many will perish and be lost forever. The judgments are coming, and the world will not be ready. These judgments are for an unrepentant world and that includes America. Oh, America, the land cries out to me for all the blood of the innocent ones spilled out. Oh, America, whose people once sought me now bring an abomination of filth to my children. The sodomites will be judged for stealing away the souls of my children. My son, be ready for a great calamity is coming upon America, and no one is prepared, physically or spiritually. Be ready. Amen. 
Messiah Jesus


Byron Searle and his wife of 42 years, Susan live in Rutland Vermont. Byron has been a Christian since 1980 but only in the past year has he really pressed into the Lord seriously; to seek Him daily no matter what. Over the past year he has made a president to spend at least 1-2 hours daily seeking the Lord. During this time God taught him to hear His voice only. He has said at first it was difficult to filter out his thoughts but now he hears only the voice of either the Father or that of Jesus. He has seen millions of people die by giant earthquakes and by massive tidal wave in prophetic visions. At times he has come out of his prayer room so shocked that all he can do is weep. He is now on his 3rd notebook of the prophecies that the Lord has given him, writing an entry everyday. He says that The Lord seems to keep him in the book of Jeremiah, because that book mirrors what is coming to America. You can follow Byron on facebook.

With Byron writing to me a few days ago; sharing a message, this was surely meant to be. He has joined with other guided people who live and breathe their faith all of the time. Each one of us shares unique guided experiences, prayers, messages, revelations and lessons to enrich spiritual life and understanding in the hope of our Salvation, in Jesus Christ Our Lord. Amen.
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Pauline Maria

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