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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Sunday, 8 September 2013

Church on Spilt Blood in St. Petersburg, Russia

The Church of the Savior on Spilled Blood in standing St. Petersburg, Russia. Also called the Church on Spilt Blood (Russian: Церковь на Крови, Tserkov’ na Krovi) and the official name is Cathedral of the Resurrection of Christ (Russian: Собор Воскресения Христова, Sobor Voskreseniya Khristova).

The Cathedral Church is decoarted in Byzantine mosaic iconography of the Saints and angels from floor to ceiling. The scenes include depictions of the Life of Jesus Christ.

The giver and taker of life is above in the heavens and we are reminded of this when looking upwards. Here we see Jesus Christ with both his hands raised, also writing on a book.

In both hands of Christ, his third finger and thumb are touching, while all his other fingers are pointing upwards. The Hand of Mysteries reveal the Crown (thumb) and Lamp (lighting the way) go together and are shown by his command. The Crown of Spiritual Enlightenment.

As we look on this hand, we see the Sun, Star and Key are all, by the gesture of Christ, connected to the heavens. This means as He has Said and is Written in the Holy Bible:

Jesus answered, "I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me" .John 14:6

The mystery of the hands is beyond these symbols. Our hands are a map of our life. Our hands are also connected with our physical body and our entire body systems, so are our feet.

Notice this bright golden yellow light behind Jesus Christ. In the prayer vision that he revealed himself to me on 7th January 2013, this radiating colour was shining from his body. He wanted me to make sure that I recognise him and He was/Is wearing His Imperial Crown.

Nikolaj Andreevich Koshelev (1840-1918) Christ in Glory sitting on his throne. This is a sketch for a mosaic in the Church of the Resurrection (Savior on Spilled Blood) Oil on canvas, 1895 91 х 182 cm The Russian Museum, St. Petersburg, Russia

Notice here Jesus Christ has his hands again in the same as before with his thumb and third finger touching except, this time his arm is pointing towards his right hand side.

The ceiling is depicting Mary who appears as a mature woman.

Seen 7 points of an 8 pointed silver star. Also a circlet around a silver ring, that could depict a silver halo. Mary makes up the 8th point of the star. On her forehead is a Hebrew Hei - Holy to the Lord. Eight is the number of infinity, spiritual mastery, as above so below in the number is visually depicted in the way written. Number 8 is also connected with the Jewish Hanukkah holiday and the 8 candlestick Menorah. All it takes is one light to light a million other candles

The Holy Bible writes of 7 ancient Churches. Bringing everyone together in unity of faith is with the Light of God to each of the churches and peoples. While there is religious doctrine, that we know as written scripture, a personal relationship with God is by experience. The Holy Orthodox Church people are encouraged to look towards the heavens for their guiding light and this is profound when prayers are answered, when we receive unexpected gifts (that bring messages) when our dreams are giving messages and when messages for understanding come in other ways too.

This is the detail over the door of the outside of the Cathedral. Both outside and internally within the building is most clear who is the authority over this Church. Prince Charles and his second wife Camilla included a Russian prayer in their wedding. The couple will have known in the Russian Wedding the couple wear crowns. In the Orthodox Church, every wedding is a Royal Wedding.

Vasili Belyaev - Sophia The Holy Wisdom of God.

Here we see Christ wearing white robes carrying a cross in his left hand. His right hand is pointing to a lady sitting with her hands in prayer, with pink wings. Behind him is the open door of the tomb where he was laid after being crucified. He carries a cross to show this was after the cross and that he had overcome death. We are shown by his right hand again pointing to the person.

For a long time, I have the understanding that Jesus Christ resurrected because of prayer; because he resurrected the dead, therefore we know it is possible. In Biblical times the closest person to Jesus Christ was Maria Magdalena and she would be given the Crown of Life. The reason why Mary Magdalene is known as Apostle to the Apostles and venerated was likely because of this.

Earlier in the year I had a dream holding a man with brown hair. Looking on the floor I could see gold liquid dripping. Then in seating him down in a chair, he was painfully thin, shown wearing grey trousers. He put his head back as if he was going to pass out and die, when I said he really needed something to eat and within seconds a lady arrived carrying rich chocolate cake and cream asking who wanted some. Spoon feeding the man because he was so weak, he gestured to me and said weakly 'you made this happen and tried to tell the people' I hushed him and said 'it doesn't matter'. Only after waking that I realised the gold was blood and I was being shown holding Christ.

Here we see all the Holy Apostles in the heavenly realms and a lady sitting on a throne. She is wearing spiritual purple, with gold trip and two shades of green. There above in the centre is the Holy Spirit depicted as a dove and 15 golden rays reaching to the heads of each of the people sitting all who have the rays from the Holy Spirit. We cannot see two of these people. There were the 12 apostles, Jesus Christ and Mary Magdalene - Do not forget the Virgin Mary too.

This is the unusual and fine detail of outside the church.

Yesterday I had a vision, it was with this pointed shape, except in pink crystal, on top of a pink coloured crystal ornate rectangular box. On top of this was a pink crystal diadem. After this vision I realised that this is also something that has been hidden but known about. Then after sleeping and waking up, I realised this was/is connected with 'Crystal Palace in London.

In this icon we see Christ is sitting on his throne in heaven sending clear thought to the people below, bestowing what he wants to bestow to the people who are serving him. Underneath him are three people with golden halos to show that they are spiritually enlightened. The scene is depicting what happens when we pray with sincere heart how we are heard and prayers are answered.

This Russian Orthodox Cathedral church was built on the spot where Emperor Alexander II was assassinated In St.Petersbug. The church was built between 1883 and 1907 and officially called the Resurrection of Christ Church'. With over 7,500 square meters of mosaics, according to its restorers, this is more than any other church in the world. The intricately detailed mosaics depict biblical scenes and the people, with fine detail patterned borders setting off each picture.

This is a reminder that everything written that has come from God has already been written in the heavens and sent to earth. Here we see two people, both who are wearing golden crowns showing they were spiritually crowned. Both are holding scrolls, one upright and the other as if to compare. This can be shown to be following on. Pictured together these people are not in conflict. What might be most relevant when standing together, both may have been on earth at the same time.

When people reject the truth or one chapter in life, in a story, or vital information that brings the full picture to understand the message and facts, then there will never be full understanding. Life is a revelation. We learn more each day. People who are sincere in their faith are praying for clear understanding, praying to have their eyes and ears open to see what is truth and hear what is most relevant to hear to understand. God delivers His message in His Way.

Nothing is spoken in this church - all is for seeing.

Here is Saint Maria with three golden rays from heaven. We pray to God Almighty - Our Father in heaven, Lord Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit. This is the Holy Trinity.

Long overdue is Global Peace and healing in our world.

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria

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