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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Sunday, 8 September 2013

G20 Peterhof Palace in St Petersburg, Russia

A Grand residence for a grand affair..the G20 summit.

A luxurious banquet reportedly took place at Peterhof Palace, known as the 'Russian Versailles'. Peterhof means Peter's Court in German language. Peter the Great was Emperor of Russia.

The world leaders, decision makers are gathered together to communicate in Russia. The opulent surroundings of a building that has a timeless feel being used today to entertain guests, could not seem more fitting to be held at St. Petersburg, especially in this timeline.

The Daily Mail wrote of 'Actors dressed in period clothing befitting the opulent surroundings also entertained the heads of state' - while it might be that people choose to dress up for the occasion. However, acting, indicates these are people playing roles and decisions being made.

Number 20 relates to Judgement - Divine Judgement.
The table is an oval shape - the Oval Office in the Imperial Palace Court in Russia. The photographer captured a picture with the seat nearest empty - was this deliberate? At the top end three seats together are empty and two on the side. This could be a Ground Judgement Day.

'European contingent: (L-R) British Prime Minister David Cameron, French President Francois Hollande, Germany's Chancellor Angela Merkel and European Council President Herman Van Rompuy'

In February earlier in the year a meteorite hit Russia. This was a sign from the heavens a warning and a blessing too. We have been reminded of God's Authority over all this earth. This means that all officials are also especially under the watchful eye of the heavenly realms.

Has there been a decision to change hats - compare above? This escorted lady is wearing gold gloves that could be symbolic of the Midas touch or Gold bullion. Midnight blue was a favourite of Princess Diana, with the name of a moon goddess. The ostrich feather connects with Egypt, Maat the Egyptian Goddess personified truth and justice. White ostrich feathers in hats are worn by Prince of Wales, members of the Order of the Garter. This style is like Maid Marian with a gold ribbon and gold trim. Maid relates to 'Handmaid of the Lord', as mentioned in the Holy Bible.

The G20 summit members walk together along the path, with the gardens in the background. There are two bright lights shining near two statues. To the rear of the crowd the lights is shining on 5 people. This week I have been shown 5 books are being read by the heavens not sure if this is in anyway connected. What is known if there is to be world peace, people need to be brothers and sisters together. History and today we are seeing still so many people being killed.

Last year seeking in prayer to know the truth about the One World Government, I was guided to obtain a book St. Thomas - My Life with one Chapter titled 'Creatures Work in God's Government'.

British PM David Cameron speaking with French President Francois Hollande. Both appear to have their thumb and index finger gestures as with the Hand of Mysteries, revealing the Thumb to Crown and Index finger pointing (not) at the heavens the fingertip is a six pointed star that connects with the Star of David. Pointing to Francois Hollande is this indicating the Crown of France?

The scepter of Justice came to my attention as being from France, notice that Francois Holland has his index finger pointing upwards. Time will tell what will be.

President Barack Obama is seen with his left hand up walking past the East Chapel. There are four gold domes with a cross, surrounding the main dome in this Holy Orthodox Chapel. At the base of the tallest cross is a moon shape. The East Chapel has 5 domes, while the West Chapel has only 1 dome. This is shown where the east and west meet together in one place - St. Petersburg.

With the left hand raised is what we take our oath to. Barack Obama has taken an oath to God Almighty and so his obligation is to uphold his Oath and be obedient to God's Law and Order. America and Israel have placed side by side both Declarations of Independence in a microchip implanted in 2000 year old stone from Jerusalem months ago. This was done with very good reason.

Peterhof Imperial Place is lit up in bright cerise pink (is this the same colour worn by Lady Gaga) with light beams of green, blue and purple towards the heavens - they look like peacock feathers. On the ground is the fountain display that was the vision of Peter the Great, with the centre of the blue appears to be Samson, with his strength overpowered the beast.

The firework display, if you listen with your eyes closed sounds like a battle taking place. No buildings are damaged and the people are watching the show. The photographer is sharing what is happening so that we can see, because we are not present in person to know.

Caption 'The opulence of the surroundings was not lost on one Twitter user, who posted: 'Let them eat yellowcake (a type of Uranium ore): Versailles revisited'

Quote: The extravagant show and air of festivity sat at odds with the gravity of discussions' - the discussions included Syria and not knowing the detail it would not be right for me to comment. However, I will revisit the photo images from Syria on August 21st in another article.

Caption 'The threat of missiles over the Mediterranean is weighing on world leaders meeting on the shores of the Baltic this week, and eclipsing economic battles that usually dominate when the G-20 world economies meet'

Quuote 'Fireworks are seen during an extravagant musical fountain show for G20 heads of state' -

King Solomon at the center of the fountain, in the Holy Bible is the Song of Solomon where Wisdom is identified as A WOMAN. The Power Solomon asked for was Wisdom to guide people and to make the right decisions in relation to Justice. When Queen of Sheba arrived to Solomon, She was also known as the Queen of Wisdom. The Queen of Sheba was divinely guided to go speak with King Solomon after hearing about this Wise King and wanted to meet him. They united Israel and Africa.

Prince William and Kate asked for the Power to be Invisible!

Quote 'The luxurious setting and the seemingly civil ambience belies the simmering tensions and rivalry that have dogged the G20 summit in Russia'

Because of what is happening in the world, there is no option but for leaders of the people to gather together, there are illegal wars, with millions of people having been killed. If anything the coming together even under difficult decisions, with tensions that might be apparent and with the different personalities and views, it is necessary to communicate together and convey this to the world.

Sharing photographs in order of presentation. 'U.S. President Barack Obama arrives for the Water and Music Show welcomed by women in costume'

President Obama is descending down steps at the Imperial Palace. The women again show they are representing the Imperial Court, with the angels on the dress. Showing respect and a curtesy with smiles, evidently President Obama is liked, respected and made most welcome there.

Barack Obama smiling as he walks past a golden statue that towers over him. These people who have lived in ancient times and connected with this palace. The statue has a robe part on his shoulder and over his arm. His hand is clenched a holding something. The face is turned to look behind his back, the face is white light and upper arm too. We only see one side of Barack Obama

One article states this is 'The Hermes Belvedere Antinous St Petersburg, Peterhof'. Antinous was from the ancient Roman city of Antinopolis much in ruins today; now El Sheikh Ibada in Egypt.

(The Hermes of the Museo Pio-Clementino, part of the Vatican collections has different hand positions than the golden figure. The right hand is curved outwards behind his back as if to accept something (a bribe?) and the right hand fingers point towards the ground, Looking at the Hand of Mysteries the Crown, Star (fame) and Key (to the royal treasury?)indicates this could once be bought.

President Obama was not the expected President and yet he was elected for a far greater purpose for as a man with both Muslim and Christian background, plus African and Egyptian roots (Irish too if I recall) Barack has the ability with his heritage to connect with people and leaders internationally and this is necessary today. (I was given the vision of an African American president long before he was in office. The man speaks out against slavery - His knows African history.

Quote 'Earlier, U.S. President Barack Obama said he was convinced that the chemical attack in Damascus last month was the work of the Syrian government'

Three men are descending on the stairs in the Imperial Court gardens under the heavens. Three people dressed in white (Imperial Court family) Two figures, male and female on the right are illuminated with purple pink and white- the lady on the end radiating green light (heart chakra). The man in the middle (middle-man) indicates he is guiding her. The other lady has a silver roseflower in her hair. The first lady shows her upper body and hair in blue (High Princess)

While the people are actors here, they are here for a purpose and every picture tells a story. The officials right at the top know what is happening in our world today.

Somewhere I have seen a photograph of Angela Merkel wearing a tiara - the feminine image suits her. The name Angela means Angel. Merkel is a common surname derived from the German word "mark" as in Denmark. Merkel is a town in Taylor County, Texas, United States.

President Putin putting on 'a warm blanket over Angela' (looks like a cloak/mantle). Angela's thumb and index finger are pointing (see Hand of Mysteries) The Crown is Written on the thumb and 6 pointed Star index finger. The imperial crown is written in the Stars. Angela's four fingers on her left hand, reminds me of an earlier image posted in an article with Lady Gaga holding the skateboard, visible underneath were the letters SO BANK. (SOUTHBANK).

Next to Angela is David Cameron. The men are wearing Royal Navy. Angela in Orange, is related to the House of Orange. David Cameron is a descendant from King William IV, from an illegitimate bloodline, from the House of Hanover. The Royal court in England has manipulated the Law. After a 'secret crowning ceremony' in the Solomon Islands and 'secret court' this is is no longer secret.

President Vladimir Putin, a man of deep thought and experience, that has made him much wiser because he has seen the other side of what people are not told. Vladimir has been the man who has carried out orders from a superior - he knows also the preservation of the Holy Orthodox Church is important too. He sits alone with a very serious face, thinking about the future, thinking about growth - not a man of oppression. A man not quick to to be pushed into a decision. A man of contemplation.

In St. Petersburg, St Peters and Saint Paul's church are together as one. There is also another church and that is 'The Church of the Savior on Spilled Blood'. History has known Tsars of Russia murdered and members of the last Russian Orthodox Imperial family were assassinated too.

Russia has also created a replica crown of Empress Catherine the Great - Catherine II to celebrate the 50th year. This New Crown will not be removed from Russia. Is this going to be placed on the head of an Empress Coronation one day - God knows. An Empress is Crowned By the Grace of God.

The Pope has written to President Vladimir Putin urging him to tell Obama and other G20 leaders to oppose Syria strike and pray for a peaceful solution.

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria

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