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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Orthodox Faith will be protected at the Grand Council

Of the most important message that is given in this headline

The Orthodox Faith will be protected at the Grand Council.

This announcement is written in the Orthodox Church Channel on Youtube as a title and may it be comforting for all who are of the Holy Orthodox Church, wherever this is located.

We are living in times where evil is thriving and divisions created by people. The lust for power is great too. Even the Bishop of London has spoken about those who rise up surreptitiously. This meaning by deception - but God is not a deceiver and Jesus Christ has revealed himself wearing His Crown. As man seeks to exercise his will and a time of confusion is created, God clarifies His Truth.

The men who have their hearts and minds aligned with God with sincere heart can be divinely guided too. If the heart and mind have reservations about something 'that something is for a reason'

If we do not listen to our instincts and if we ignore the instruction given by the Spirit of God - we might also make mistakes. But at the same time to test the Spirit to see if it is from God is right to do too. We are all in training to be obedient - those who have made a decision to serve God in truth.

What is truth will also be validated in the Holy Scriptures.

We know there is a separation of Church and State in some cases but this has never been fully explained. It becomes necessary to consider that there must be this for if the Godless conquest lands and seek to rule over the lands, they dominate rule over the people too.

In the Orthodox Faith, Jesus Christ is given Authority as The King. In the Orthodox Faith we recognise that Jesus Christ resurrected from being dead to alive and he was taken up to heaven. We recognise that he will return and with being given all power and authority - but not everyone recognises this.

If anything there is much defiance against God in this time.

The God mockers in this world are at ease with corrupting the laws and denying people their God given birthrights. As a time where evil is thriving, this is only allowed for a time. Arrogance really is  a trait that eventually is quelled and the people will see the wrath of God eventually too.

History has shown God will be revered and rightly so!

Man who wants to be God to rule over us all is not...

Peace be with you
Pauline Maria

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