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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Reason Russia Not Attending Pan Orthodox Council 2016

Just yesterday learning of the Pan Othodox Council in Crete, I was also told there are churches that were not attending. The Council was described as being important but detail not given.

It is an error to assume for any attendance not being with appearance when we can always find out. Here Russia has given their reason for not attending. This announcement is not taken lightly.

If we listen to the videos carefully, we will understand even in translations, any message being given is one not to be ignored or overlooked. The Church asks for a postponement meaning a delay. Perhaps this delay is for a reason 'waiting for something' but yesterday I thought something else.

As this video identifies another consideration.

The meaning of Ecumenical is 'worldwide'.  Now there are those who disregard the spiritual birthright of people, and even violate the laws of God. Still in some way God will preserve the people.

If and I mean IF there is an antichrist agenda to manipulate those who are given the trusted care of the church communities - meaning the people, we will see on the Orthodox church the ever reminder of Christ. We being reminded, all of us, of the ever watchful eye of God over all of us.

Personally, when told about the non attendance of certain leaders - I saw this as the holding back for some reason as if waiting for something. Perhaps this gathering is premature - perhaps not.

It is important for leaders and officials of the church to be highlighting the prophesy of what was biblically foretold of the antichrist....There is more to be warned about too.

In personal revelation - Jesus has revealed himself in dreams and visions ; also in messages that are with complete focus with my heart and soul on him - writing down word for word.

On 9th May 2013 Jesus was seen in a dream talking with the Orthodox Priests wearing black in what appeared to be the Patriarchate of Constantinople. He identified himself with the appearance of a golden cross taking form from a light in his heart that expanded to cover his body.

Whether in attendance physically, or in the Spirit communicating His Truth and instruction, He has made his presence known within the Orthodox Church as guiding the Orthodox officials.

A few weeks later I read  a news article that the Turkish Police reported an assassination plot against the Patriarche Batholomew. This was published on the 10th May. Christ is watching over our Church and so therefore preserving the people accordingly too. We must learn to trust HIM.

Those who go against God and against His Christ we are warned about too. The holding back to join in any group gathering 'In Christ' might be also because the Spirit within gives reason to.

I personally wondered if the former Patriarch Alexy of Russia was with his life taken early because he spoke out and the content that was disclosed in the Pauline Symposium in 2008.

Still the truth will prevail and Jesus is not forgotten so easily.

If a church - a people are to remain strong in their faith, then the leader of that church must not be a hypocrite or serving an earthly influence that leads people to danger to their soul. For the strength of faith and determination to maintain the truth endures for us all. We are given the light.

If a leader of any church stands back and waits, this is about being sure and yet to stand back and remain in faith and focus on Christ, does not mean the church is separated. If everyone is to follow one earthly person, it would not be always the right thing to do. The Holy Spirit enlightens..

If we look to the apostles of Christ, each has been given the Holy Spirit and the people being guided by him today will not be hearing a different tune but the same message and the same gathering. Even if when I have been very ill and unable to attend a physical church building, as other people who are for some reason unable to get to this gathering, God still hears their prayers at home...

In my suffering, Jesus revealed himself because the British establishment have gone against God. What is happening has been foretold and the earth reacting is typical of the signs as discovered to be connected with the Mandate of Heaven - We are in the end times of the Godless rule.

A church of people who are with sincere prayer and focussed on God will remain so in as long as the leader of prayer and the hearts and minds of the people are focussed in prayer...

What is clear,  God will not allow the wizard wand wavers to rule over the people  who are belonging to Him and the people who belong to Christ are preserved by God through Him.

It is a choice to pray and be faithful...Not a geographical location.

May God bless you and keep you safe in these times.

Peace be with you
Pauline Maria

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