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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Satanism, Sexual Abuse Ritual Killing and Society.

Yesterday a message arrived form someone who reads the articles here. In particular the person asked about what happened after the children who had spoken out openly about Satanic Ritual Abuse. Were the people involved arrested and prosecuted. He also asked about 'nan'

To be honest we do not know what happens in any situation unless we do the research, The news reports do not always report accuracy. Much is not reported to protect the establishment.

Anyone who knows anything is welcome to post credible evidence and video links. Try add the actual link in case the video cannot upload property for viewing.

 A few videos I have posted about the danger to society and prevailing evil acts,  have been since shut down, Perhaps  to prevent viewing but there is no surprise there. Keep searching for the truth.

This is important with regards to posting evidence anywhere - on Facebook, Twitter and even your own blogs. Try and keep to the facts and evidence. Discuss what you see. Listen to the truth of those who are a party to what is going on for their experience gives us the valid information.

If you take what someone else says who is not directly involved as fact, this is not truth. We need to access evidence of people involved. Evidence can include images drawn by those who were there as a witness  or experienced what take place. Testimonies of people and children are vital for credibility to be taken on board and only Facts can be used as weapons to confront the evil acts.

In this timeline seemingly meek people are speaking out in strength being horrified and disgusting with what is happening to the children being abused - they will not be silent any more.

We are more  people who are willing to listen to and believe the children, to check out the facts - we must  also focus to take  care about their well being and protection from any abuse or attack.

You might be called to confront an abuser or warn of danger. Do not be silent..It is not nice to do but there are people who must be confronted with what they do. Paedophiles are highly manipulative.They know what they are doing and use psychological intimidation tactics for power and control.

The psychological damage when part of Satanic Ritual abuse with sexual intercourse  by the men present, can also be with witnessing men and women having sex - as young children, these acts cannot be comprehended for what they are. Some children exposed to parents sexual activity being witness to this will impact and corrupt the innocent  mind and stir emotions by what they hear too.

Satanic Rituals takes place  at certain times and dates.

There are babies conceived in these rituals that are not registered. There are countless children going missing every year that no one can find out what happened to them, except people who know.

The police are employees of a system who do what they are told. There are police who know of the lies taking place in court and Satanism Rituals Abuse and Ritual Murder too.

There are evidently children being kept for ritual killing.

There are those who know exactly what they do and prepare for it. The website listing here identifies a Satanic Calendar to show what is taking place during the rituals - for careful reading.

Know that anyone involved in Satanism and sexual  abuse even abuse  of vulnerable adults will quickly dismiss what they do and actually turn the tables to blame even the researcher..

We do not know who we associate with until we get to know their truth. Having witnessed the Ipad
history of someone looking at animal porn - I confronted this immediately and what was seen to be the liar blamed someone who was deaf of his son...Sick twisted minds like this are many.

By looking at the ritual calendar - I discovered sex with animals is also taking place in Satanic Rituals too. So there is the influence on society and when people want power over other people, this also makes such who are under the influence a danger to those who belong to Christ.

It is a psychological trait - do not fear an abuser for they have more to fear from you. The fear of being exposed in Satanic Ritual Abuse is likely because of who is involved.

They might have lots to lose...

The chances are they have lost their soul in the process!

Are you under the influence of alcohol or drugs the police night ask> Even those involved with sport. I would rather want to know whether the police, government officials and the entire judiciary are under the power of Satan - or fearing if what might happen if they rule against the evil one!

There are those who are proud of their respectability in society - seemingly respectable, who cannot face that their friends and associates might have a sexual inclination towards children. But there area also those at a very high level who know this is taking place and they are scared to expose it.

If Satanic Ritual abuse is taking place at the pinacle of society - the subjects of that society are under the influence of Satan and this can only turn out to be to the detriment of those who do not know. Those illegal wars based on lies - was a deal made with the devil for power? Human sacrifice?

When astrological and planetary allignment is used for political decisions and events taking place - are these not also rituals....Is the festival ceremony in Switzerland to open the tunnel - was that not also a ritual...or was it an enactment to show that actually Satanism is not a myth in society.

We live in time when evil is thriving ...all is foretold.

Abusers might appear to be charming and 'nice people'.

Abusers might be seemingly rich and emit power as people.

If you had your baby being raped by such a monster who thinks nothing to steal a child's innocence and other people sexually rape and violate the child - believe me you would not see the fake charm or abusers as being nice people  You would not look to anyone with status and automatically trust them. That is leading people to a false sense of security....

Did David Cameron ever prove himself to me..No. And I ask this because before he entered office, his office telephoned my home and I instructed him if he wanted my support he must talk with me. Then I had serious issues to address that needed addressing. He chose to ignore me. Not my fault

A government that does not listen to the people is not a government of the people. With treacherous acts and evil taking place to the detriment of people it is time We all claim our God given birthright!

Peace be with you
Pauline Maria

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