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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Thursday, 30 June 2016

Testimony Ella Draper Satanic Ritual/Murder Christchurch

This is a very serious witness testimony from the mother of two children who have been interviewed officially by the police in the accusations of profoundly graphic sexual experiences and also describing the murdering of babies, drinking blood and who were involved.

As I cannot stress this action of a mother to speak openly, she has an obligation to share what she knows to the authorities even if they choose to ignore it turning a blind eye, trying to silence a truth of such profoundly far reaching consequences - or because they are scared of the repercussions.

I cannot put myself in this woman's position only to try and imagine how difficult it is to listen to the children who have shared some experiences and trying to stay strong, rationalise this evil - she is certainly not the only one in this time. I hope that Ella Draper speaking out, will encourage other mothers to be more alert and not ignore child sex abuse and their involvement in rituals.

People could say how can Ella Draper give a witness testimony if she was not there. She is a credible witness to what her children have told her and has a right to make this information known.

Ella is also Russian - What power does the UK have over her?

Please consider something else - it is Christ's Church that is under attack by Satan so what better way to have the officers of the land in England police the Church. Are the police in any way preventing prosecutions taking place - if so they are obstructing justice. Not all are.

Who are the police serving? Ask them - do they know?

A police officer stated in Bolton - 'this land is ruled by dark forces' now with what we are seeing that is being exposed, this is not just a myth. But if their overlord is serving Satan anyone who is a Christian is in danger because they can be used to act to our detriment, fine us even to pay their wages.

A lot of names are mentioned in this video and I cannot say if true or untrue but my sharing is to show the children have been given space on my blog to be heard, so is the father and mother too.

For justice to be done all the evidence has to be heard. But if there are people who are involved in Satanism in the government and social hierarchy in this land, even in the court, then it is unlikely that justice will be done..In the bigger picture Divine Justice will be done. It is written.

In the meantime gathering people back to Christ - we have all been encouraged to have a personal relationship with Him. The physical church building is an empty vessel without God.

If someone has made a pact with Satan for power over the people in this land - they have no power over the people who belong to God or the children who belong to God either.

Jesus has revealed himself several times to the children in Lancashire wearing his crown and so as we can see why now. The evil is being exposed to the public eye. Christ will Reign and does.

The releasing of people being under the power of Satan is done!

Agents of Satan and those who serve him have no power over Christ.

Peace be with you
Pauline Maria

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