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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Sunday, 26 June 2016

The Official Papers Detail - The Holy and Great Council

As we progress forward in different parts of our world, we cannot ignore biblical prophesy and we also cannot ignore, most certainly I cannot, Jesus Christ making his presence known connected with the Greek Orthodox Church. I believe that the prelude for this Council waited for the signs.

As when  we are guided by the Holy Spirit - it is not just for our own selves but to preserve humanity and yet there are people even  within the Orthodox Church who question why is this not an Ecumenical Council and why named not Pan-Orthodox but the Holy and Great Council.

Ecumenical means worldwide and not every church is included for reasons that have been identified. Some have not. But we focus on with my sharing these details, for the Orthodox Church.

Once these documents are published and made available for all to read, the opportunity to reconsider the Orthodox way is presented and where the shepherds have gone astray, they are reminded so profoundly of the active overseer of our Church who made His living presence known to us.

Over the course of this time and for decades leading up to this time, the leaders of the Orthodox Church have prepared for this moment. The gathering of men 'in Christ' as a brotherhood who have chosen a Holy  life and vocation to serve Christ and be helpers to the people is indeed heart warming. As the prayers are being said and asking for Mercy for humanity God's wrath is held back.

Of course when there are large gatherings of people who are to discuss a book or paper - there might be concerns, fear of agenda, worry of what will happen and even opinions of difference. I believe that if everyone does not lose the focus that we are all children of God given to Jesus Christ and his trusted care, then taking care of the official details and each other is with less apprehension.

Looking on the website the papers being discussed are presented with names of signatories published. I will share the links here so that you can access the information and read it all for yourself.

Documents with Unanimous Approval

Documents without Unanimous Approval

  • The Sacrament of Marriage and its Impediments
  • Access the official document details in four languages here.
  • Some time back I wrote about the necessity of us all to consider something and that is, if we all read from the same book then we are all going to at least have access to the same information. This we cannot disagree on. Canon laws relate to ecclesiastical matters and it is this area that has shown to be an area of contention in history with disagreements and schisms. We must communicate without being with defences and wanting to be in control. God is in control We must Trust Him.
  • Because we all speak different languages - not everyone speaks Greek and not everyone speaks French or Arabic either. Somehow there needs to be the removal of ignorance and obstruction so that the truth can be discussed and without fear or hesitation. Translations are presented.
  • The reader from whatever land can access this information and the official documents are published because they are not meant to be hidden. Some of the documents are works in progress.
  • If someone does not understand the Church is led by the Holy Spirit, then they will not understand that God is actively guiding our Church. When God is actively guiding one people, all people can get to know how God is guiding us - and read the scriptures relating to the promise he made for all
  • God did not go into silence 2000 years ago or even 1600 years ago. We were promised the comforter and advocate. I did not expect Jesus to communicate with me. Since 2008 Jesus  appeared in dreams AND made his living presence known locally to children during 2012 and 2013.  This is in alignment to his appearance to the Apostles after the resurrection,  when he instructed them to cast their net again  into the water - after fishing all night and their net was empty. Then the net was full.
Not everyone is taught that they can have a personal relationship with Jesus and yet this is what he is showing can happen for everyone with sincere heart. 

Not everyone is aware that Jesus is returning or that he can appear at any place and at any time. He knows your name and where you live. He knows what is written on your heart and mine.

We are only here for a time, however long this might be. 

We are born for a purpose and our souls are evolving. We are all learning our different lessons and as a group of people evolve spiritually - they become the lights to enable humanity to evolve. 

If there is no light in the world - how can people see?

There is no competition to become enlightened...But there is effort to keep people in spiritual darkness - preventing people (even by distraction and fear of having a personal relationship with God>Not all know or understand why prayers need careful wording. When prayers of  believers 'in Jesus name' are promised to be heard and answered of course there is a doorway to protect abuses too.

In these years of observing the abuses taking place in England, I see a people who have been trained to be Zenophobic (fear of foreigners) and recently be heavily promotion of anti Europe in the mainstream media. Well I live in England, born here in 1960 to a Greek mother who was a Greek Citizen whose father was born in Athens Greece too. She told me something one day:

'I took you to Greece to be baptised to place you under the protection of Christ' - It is in these days I am understanding the impact of her words...She was guided by the Holy Spirit too.

When my mother died in 1986, my father already planned to  retire early and go to Greece and live permanently there where he made his home. He very easily cut ties with England. He said to me one day 'The Queen is no different from a homeless person -  remember this!' I have!

In England the Queen's oath taking officers of the court threatened me with homelessness. They already violated me in court and lied on their oath of office to cause injustice.Then the court sent bailiffs to my home because the insurance policy was not implemented to protect me. Justice is refused.

As a servant of God the British legal system has been tested.

Injustice is a very serious crime against humanity.

For me this Holy and Great Council is timely...

Over the generations people have been scattered around the world and some people do not even know their ancestry. But what cannot be ignored, the marriage that GOD HAS BROUGHT TWO PEOPLE TOGETHER for serving HIS PURPOSE to unite many nations in peace. I  believe through my parents marriage and being baptised in the Greek Orthodox Church it was the Will of God.

If we keep focusing on God the Almighty - we can remember it is to whom Jesus told us to pray the Lords Prayer. Remember that there is no power over God and we are His Children.

There are many people who have been robbed of their spiritual birthright and there are many people who are really confused and not understanding about God or Jesus who are being stirred now. There are many people who have gone down the wrong path in life and made mistakes too. If we judge all with condemnation - are we not also inviting our own judgement by God in the same way.

See evil for what it is. An evil act is an intentional act of evil.

We are not perfect...But we an try and live life that is with pure heart and pure intentions and sincere prayer. We can also pray for the people who need it the most in our world.

Jesus said pray for our enemies. I pray that people realise a higher consciousness and the error of their ways. I pray to be guided in the right way - knowing sometimes I make mistakes. But the thousands of hours of research and checking up on facts and accessing the right information is because I want to understand and when learning something relevant, I am eager to share this openly too. 

Hopefully this information will have the opportunity to reach a wider audience in a time when there still prevails much darkness and terror in our world. What is happening is also foretold

This is not a new decision or sudden act of officialdom.

Preparations for a ‘Council’ itself have been under way for fifty years, since 1961. Why then at that time - God knows. What we know is everything happens in the right time. Divine timing.

The people who belong to Jesus cannot be taken from him!

When a foundation stone is built on Jesus, He will preserve this!

Peace be with you
Pauline Maria

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