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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Wednesday, 17 September 2014

14th September 2014 Message - Diana Alive

There are times I have messages and they are very clear that I know this is what it is....This particular message cannot be said to be the same. Only time will tell if this is the truth. I will share this message openly, with the element of doubt in my heart and mind, knowing also that 'If Diana' is alive, I am sure her children would want her to be alive and to be free to love their mother, without feeling shame.

There is some important information within this message that has come to light that only came to my realisation afterwards - so please take this for what it is and PLEASE KEEP AN OPEN MIND.

She has been kept alive for blackmail of those who want to rule to the detriment of mankind. We do not approve of what is happening and they know it. There is something else: A deal of negotiation has been done to keep her alive to prove a case of paternity in the future. So you will see this come to pass eventually. Diana knows you and will not encroach on you but she does want to speak with you. Let her contact you and you will know more. Her family are betrayers to her name and memory. once the truth comes out the house of cards will fall.

Diana has already communicated with me in a dream as being alive just after she died. Yesterday I was thinking about a film that was made about Diana - not seeing this. There is a reason why Diana's name is not being silenced. It is not just about what money can be made from her name. There is more.

What came to mind also was the BBC Documentary the Real Monarch which has proven that Queen Elizabeth is from an illegitimate bloodline and even her officials have stated she is not the rightful Queen. They have identified the Plantagenet bloodline - of which it is likely that Diana has been born from. It might also be in the desperate attempts to keep hold of positions of gains that Kate Middleton is too.

The concern are people claiming to be servants of God who are detrimentally influencing society and the world - the wars have been based on lies. There are those who have little regard for the people.

Diana was a threat to the apple cart - she knew plans and agenda. The British royals have been portrayed as demigods - they are not, they are people with given titles. They are part of an establishment that has not only officials being obedient to the whims of the royals, their heirs and successors, the establishment places all the people who are born in this land and who come to live in this land as subjects to this family.

So easily can Satan rule over this land and the Church too.

Illegal wars are just scratching the surface...Satanic Wars.

Tony Robinson states :"I made a startling discovery. there is good evidence that has recently come to light that back in the middle ages, one of the Kings of England was illegitimate. And if that is so, it means that every King and Queen of our country since shouldn't by rights sat on the throne/ But if not them but who?'

What is most significant in this Documentary is the revealing of a family tree and so there is proven that there are people who have maintained records. The Da Vinci Code indicates there is a church that has also maintained records since the ancient times. This church is connected with Scotland.

One Direction pop group have a song named Diana:

If Diana appeared ;alive' that would be the end of the House of Cards That would be the shattering of the illusion of the masses. That might have people loving their own mother, sister, family before pouring out their love and energy to energy vampires who expect the title Royal Majesty without comprehending the role of responsibility. 

By saving our life - freeing the people from the chains of royals who claim to have the right to rule over the masses - over the people who belong to God - even over the Family of Jesus Christ.

Just being guided to discover this video ending.

Hitman Absolution: FULL ENDING! (Diana Survived!)

Absolution: formal release from guilt, obligation, or punishment.

If Diana is alive, she will silence all those who have cashed in on her name - especially the people who claim she has been communicating with from beyond the grave..Appearing in a dream she so very clearly not only made her living presence known, Diana spoke to me knowing about my studies and plans and made me promise not to give up. She said 'because there are many people like me who need your help'/  The dream many years on only made me realise a possibility of being alive when she took me to Buckingham Palace to see the Queen herself who acknowledged us both..She was not happy and went into a room through a big wooden door..

Within the Palace's there are many secrets and lies. People have expressed fury at Charles and Camilla's relationship that was encouraged - there is likely much more going on that would make toes curl and even the expression being founded with heads rolling....

The Question of Paternity is most important in the message above. If Diana was born as a result of a relationship with Sir James Goldsmith who apparently had a few girlfriends, she would not be her father's daughter. And this would show an illegitimate bloodline on both from her husband from Queen's side of the family and also on Diana's that would doubly negate any eligibility of her children to the throne..

Then there are other branches of this family.....

People are asking if Sir James Goldsmith is Diana's Father. As there are people who are suggesting that Harry is the son of James Hewitt- DNA would answer all this. Actually the boys would share the same DNA with their father and each other if they were both conceived by Charles.


At one time a high member of government would be a witness to ensure that a baby being born was of the womb of the Monarch to ensure succession and not swapped. With history knowing lots of royal bed hopping and illegitimate children, it would make sense to have the DNA testing too. Actually if anything, if I recall Diana did have a test done for Harry and said all was exactly as it was meant to be

It has been shown that even if children are born from other people they can be loved still the same. This photograph is showing how there are similar traits in facial characteristic and yet in this photograph, Charles does have characteristics that reveal a resemblance to his sister Anne, Princess Royal. If by looking at the next photograph, the close set eyes share a facial characteristic between Charles and Harry,


A voice channelled to be Diana speaks of coming back...There is much clarity and emphasis not being the media created Princess persona, instead of being Diana the person who speaks. 

Listening to these messages, it is quite extraordinary the energy and tone, the consistency is with the reminder that the Spirit of Diana is still very much alive. Andrew Russell-Davis -- Diana's Voice Channel has a very distinctive voice as a man and yet, listening to the messages is why I am sharing. In particular Death Greed and Karma podcast 2009 also Titles and hospitals are revealing. 

The Christmas message 2009 discusses corruption.

"This is a mission that cannot and will not fail."

Diana did say she will not go away quietly....

It was certainly unexpected to discover these messages today and after listening carefully, I must give these the platform to be able to be accessed. While Diana and I have a spiritual connection, this gentle shy girl became someone who was not going to shy away to bring awareness to very serious and real issues.

Diana's voice is being used to stamp out world corruption.

There are some really important messages shared and it has been shown that if people are witness to seeing what is happening behind the scenes, plans and agendas, they become someone who can speak out - We do not all have the understanding why spirit will make their truth known but in this case, there are people who hoped Diana would be silenced and go away forever. 

Regarding Biblical Law for succession to the Throne.

Exclusion From the Assembly

No one who has been emasculated by crushing or cutting may enter the assembly of the LordNo one born of a forbidden marriage, nor any of their descendants may enter the assembly of the Lord, not even in the tenth generation.
No Ammonite or Moabite or any of their descendants may enter the assembly of the Lord, not even in the tenth generation. For they did not come to meet you with bread and water on your way when you came out of Egypt, and they hired Balaam son of Beor from Pethor in Aram Naharaimb to pronounce a curse on you. However, the Lord your God would not listen to Balaam but turned the curse into a blessing for you, because the Lord your God loves you. Do not seek a treaty of friendship with them as long as you live.
Do not despise an Edomite, for the Edomites are related to you. Do not despise an Egyptian, because you resided as foreigners in their country. The third generation of children born to them may enter the assembly of the Lord. Deuteronomy 23:1-8

Forbidden marriage includes illegitimate children. 

The Queen was crowned Supreme Head -governor' of the Church of England, now referred to as the Worldwide Church by the Archbishop of Canterbury. These are people who know how to play on words and that a church means an assembly of people. These are people employed by a structure that has planned agendas and has a goal, not necessarily in the best interests of people - least of all the people who are divinely guided in truth to maintain the true Church. The reasons why anyone who serves Satan is not a servant of the Lord in truth is with being a liability to mankind.

For the profound channelled Diana messages recorded on podcast, visit the link below. You may need to stop the playback manually to hear one by one. This discovery was made today.

Only a few weeks ago was I guided to discover this video. The music is irritating and yet it is the visual evidence of a woman who looks like Diana at William and Kate's Wedding. 

In my dream, it was shown the Queen knows Diana is alive.

What would be the purpose to fake Diana's death?

It is possible to save her life or the monarchy gains?

This is one of the most important clips that was presented in the News providing visual evidence. An evidently much lighter coffin left the hospital with four officers effortlessly carrying this and transfering this to the waiting vehicle. While 8 men struggled to carry the evidently much heavier weight, that the suspension of the vehicle registered. It is secondary with the mix up of results and the autopsy legalities, when apparently Charles took his own team with him to Paris at the time.

When anyone is able to command power and people obey without rocking the boat, perhaps it is with their gains and even fear of consequences. Diana was not going to sit quietly.

The Kohinoor Diamond is sitting in the crown of Queen Elizabeth and it is said, the possessor of this diamond becomes possessor of the world. As Prophet Muhammad was the guardian of the world in his time, for The Lord, the British royals are not a divinely appointed monarchy. However if people want to prostitute themselves to anyone who is not sincere with the people, that is up to them. 

Everyone has been given Free Will. 

A few years ago I had to communicate with Buckingham Palace and the Minsitry of Justice - such a shame they showed keenness to respond to this matter and yet refuse to work for Justice and correct the crimes taking place against humanity. The MOJ wrote about worthless titles and honours being sold by a man who declared himself King of the Isle of Man. If the British establishment continue to be maintained on a complete lie, the titles and gains, can be seen as fraudulent 'with' gains. 

Back in August 2012, a young 7 year old went on holiday to Cornwall and returning spoke of a dream that Jesus has a home there'. With Charles being given the title Duke of Cornwall, imagine what good Jesus could do with the income he has been collecting from the Duchy of Cornwall.  And being stuck here living on the Duchy of Lancaster, is with Jesus appearing on this land to children wearing his crown - of course the British establishment want to silence this....

But the Daily Mail did publish Diana's Letters...

There is nothing that God does not know...

 Delivered above is a message given to myself and I ask you keep an open mind because we do not know the truth or know what is really going on behind the scenes. We know our personal experience and what we witness. What is told and sold in the media is not truth - it might contain 10% of the truth. 

 Living in a land of blatant God mockers who refuse Justice,my family had numerous freak car crashes too. Back in 1990 I was told of the antichrist being born in England and warned of my life being in danger from those who are involved in Black Magic who serve the evil one.

One thing my mother said to me, being a former nurse, she wanted to birth me at home in case her babies were mixed up in hospital. She knew of this possibility happening back in 1959/1960/1961/
For Diana to make a connection to anyone, is because she has unfinished business.The Diana messages are very clear, she was not born Royal. She married a man from a royal bloodline. Diana wanted to be known for who she really was as a person, not the media celebrity and public persona. During her life Diana has shown to have an affinity with people who have known suffering and pain - the most meekest of people. One lady I met only recently is quite timid and pure heart. She said Diana has been a lot on her mind recently.

Diana has also shown me she can communicate with me in dreams if she wants to - and yet what she has said, has already been said. Evidently Diana knew of the suffering I was going to face since that crash. But no matter what, even being paralysed in a wheelchair my mother was able to positively influence our world. 

The message above reveals Diana has more to say...

Peace be with you
Pauline Maria

Pod cast messages Diana's voice

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Praetor Loos said...

Diana is not alive. The heart can be stopped remotely.

Here's the secret about the bloodline. You can talk all you want about a single illegitimate link in the chain, but you're missing the bigger picture. The Stuart dynasty, of which Diana was an heir, is just one of several families to have made a claim to the Scottish throne at a given point in time. King Duncan is the key to the Davidic line, which is why Edward III is such a powerful relation for the English grail queens.

Duncan had a brother named Maldred, who was the younger son of Bethoc and Crinian. From Maldred descends in an unbroken line the Earls of Dunbar through Gospatric, who united the Scottish and English bloodlines during the Saxon period as a grandson of both Malcom II and King Ethelred.

Gospatric's descendant Patrick Dunbar unsuccessfully petitioned for the throne during the Great Cause, but based his claim on a more recent line of descent from William the Lion, not Malcom II. Had Patrick succeeded, what is known today as the Hume family would have acceded to the Scottish throne, and likely the English throne as well.

We can trace this paternal bloodline directly from Maldred to a man named George Hume of Wedderburn, who was exiled by George I during the Jacobite rebellion. He later went on to teach George Washington the art of land surveying in Virginia. His descendants live in secret in America, the true heirs of the holy bloodline, perhaps the only true remaining direct male descent from Aedean mac Gabrain.