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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Friday, 12 September 2014

9/11 Dream Prince Harry Love Advice & Car Crash

Totally unexpected, as shown with other members of the British royal family - Harry appeared in my dream yesterday morning and this is perhaps because he is doing some soul searchng now.

Harry and I were walking along a road together...He was dressed smartly and I had my arm linked into his. He was holding a small bouquet hand held bunch of flowers. He was seeking advise on what to do about marriage. Explaining, 'You have choices and think very carefully about this life decision.;

Explaining if he marries for expectations, this will not be fulfilling, If he feels deep love in his heart and compatability with someone, he can grow with this person and it can be a fuitful and lasting realtionship. I said 'only you can decide what is right but always make sure you are true to your heart'

As Harry tilted the bunch of unblooming buds, I could see the base of the stem. Either they were very fresh flowers or they were realistically looking plastic.They could have been top quality fresh flowers 'he was holding them' . Assuming they were  fresh flowers that had not yet bloomed, this would indicate that Harry has not blossomed yet to be in his fulfillment as a man in personal and spiritual understanding.

If this posy was plastic, in his hands is the opportunity to get rid of the plastic front because if he really wants lasting love, he is going to have to be sincere and true to his heart, not hide behind a mask.

Sometimes decisions are made about our soul journey - go one way and all is lost and another everything is gained. This was not a dream about material gain - it was about a man soul searching now.

When I looked up at Harry standing tall next to me his hair was ruffled...I do not remember anything else about this situation..only that he trusted me to ask for the truth and my linking his arm, was to to offer the reciprocation as a mother would answer her child seeking emotional stability and lasting love.

Having had a dream with Diana just after the car crash and seeing Diana as being alive and very communicative, ti makes sense to  have a connection with Harry through her.

Just looking at the news headlines there has been an accident

Harry in high-speed crash drama: Prince's shock as his motorbike outrider smashes head-on into taxi en route to Invictus Games

  • Prince being taken to Invictus Games in Range Rover when crash took place
  • His police escort smashed head-on into Toyota Prius near London Zoo
  • Unconscious driver cut from vehicle while rider catapulted 30ft down road
  • Harry's driver feared terrorist attack and drove high speed through London
  • Witness said Prince, 29, sat with head in hands, concern 'etched on his face'
  • He was insistent they stopped but security advice was for car to drive on

Prince Harry was caught up in a dramatic high speed crash yesterday when one of his police outriders smashed head on into a taxi

Prince Harry was caught up in a dramatic high speed crash yesterday when one of his police outriders smashed head on into a taxi

A source close to Harry said the prince was insistent they stop and help, even though his security advice would have been to drive on

The crash happened on Prince Albert Road, London. The police motorbikeis seen embedded into the white vehicle. The rider appears to be about 30 feet away on the ground.

The Metropolitan Police also began an investigation into the accident, which occurred at around 9.40am on Prince Albert Road, adjacent to Regent’s Park and London Zoo.

A cyclist, who wishes to remain anonymous, saw the convoy of two blacked-out Range Rovers and four motorbike outriders pass him at ‘incredibly high speed’.

He said: ‘I decided to speed up to see if I could catch up with them. I really wanted to know who it was. 

A witness said Harry, pictured with his brother later in the day, was spotted with his head in his hands, concern 'etched on his face'

Harry seen here with his brother William, shows his hair ruffled as in my dream, except it was all round like this. The situation is a revealing two brothers both with their unique process and the reminder is to always remember that everyone is an individual. Like the Mafia have their protection so do this family with being part of a corporate system that is not all light and pure intentions to any people.

Officers from the Met¿s Road Traffic Investigation Unit have launched a probe but no arrests have been made
The roof had to be cut off to pull the driver from the car. As seen on the floor, the roof of the car has shown to be off - the car being white, and the top of the roof going over the head and so is someone's crown being removed?

'The smashed vehicles were still on the road several hours after the accident, with traffic diverted to avoid the scene;

Quote' Not wanting to get in the way of the emergency effort, the cyclist began to ride off when he noticed the second black Range Rover parked down the road.

‘I could see Prince Harry clearly in the back of the car with his head in his hands,’ he said. ‘He looked really distressed and was constantly looking back over his shoulder to see what was happening. It was clear that for security reasons he had to stay in the car.’

Royal aides confirmed last night that Prince Harry’s convoy had been involved in the crash but that he hadn’t been injured.

A source close to Harry said: ‘It was clearly a shocking incident but he was pleased the officers were able to stop and administer important immediate first aid.’ A source on the scene said: ‘The police were fantastic and sped into action, assessing those who were injured and treating them until the ambulances arrived.’ 

On Regents Park, there is named the Outer Circle and Inner Circle. Inside the Inner Circle is Queen Mary's Gardens. There are two roads that branch off from the inner cirlcle. One is Chester Road and the other York Bridge. (Queen Mary 2 ship is sailing the seas)

With officials who serve the Queen, her heirs and successors, not everyone is working in the light - not everyone has pure intentions. A police officer  was dismounted when his bike plunged into the vehicle and from video footage it looked like he was travelling too fast and on the wrong side of the road.CCTV on the other direction would reveal more. 
 - some police are treacherous on the road with little regard for other vehicles on the road.

Quote Safety of royals on the road is in the hands of Scotland Yard’s Special Escort Group.

Its officers are a common sight in the capital, where teams of outriders are used to ease a smooth path through congested roads.

Riding powerful Honda VFR 1200cc motorcycles, they use blue flashing lights and whistles – not sirens – to control the traffic. In many cases, the motorcycle team will be backed up by officers in a following command vehicle, often a Range Rover.

All SEG officers are advanced drivers and motorcyclists, and are among the few police motorcyclists who openly carry firearms.

Yesterday’s crash will spark an urgent internal review – not least to reduce the chances of a repeat.'

Of course this is not a divinely appointed monarchy...

The Parish Church of Stl Mary The Boltons in the Royal Borough of Kensington. 

Harry directly involved or witnessing any collision happening involving a car, could trigger an internal reaction with his mother being in a car crash. The memories of seeing photographs do not go away, even when my mother miraculously survived, the car looked like it had been through the crusher. One article wrote about William and Harry saying it is impossible for their mother to have survived and yet, Diana did not die in that car....The English Court haveoperated for decades preventing justice and in doing so they have become a liability to the people globally.A system officials say is corrupt...why do they continue to hold on to this? Power? Money?

Diana was about to compaign for the Palestinians...She was silenced.

This lady was captured on the report filming William and Kates wedding.

This picture captured as the boys were leaving a Diana memorial service.

Jesus answered, “Truly, truly, I say to you, unless one is born of water and the Spirit, he cannot enter the kingdom of God. John 3:5

“Not everyone who says to me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ will enter the kingdom of heaven, but the one who does the will of my Father who is in heaven. Matthew 7:21

Something I noticed long ago. The wizard wand waving photograph - a light is on above his head - a lot goes on inside this man  and he does not express his truth openly. Behind Kate a light is on behind a veil - she has been watched very carefully and especially what is going on behind closed doors. She will be tested too. William has made it clear that he will follow his own rules - is he hearing the voice of the Lord clearly as he communicates iwth so many of us now? God knows. Who is misleading who in these three?

Waving the wizard wand towards the heavens......blatant God mocking! 
Peace be with you
Pauline Maria

No Copyright infringement intended.

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Lady Pauline Maria said...

Update January 7th 2017 Daily Mail report these recent weeks of Harry being in a relationship and indicating it might be serious. Time will tell what will be. This is the article posted today suggesting the relationship is serious. This is shared given the above dream and of course if Harry and this young lady find lasting happiness and true love together, then wishing them well is justified too.