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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Ashya King Exposes a Cruel Unjust King

The Daily Mail report quoting ' Ashya King has finally been reunited with his parents this afternoon after days alone in hospital under armed police guard.

Brett King and his wife Naghmeh are at five-year-old brain tumour patient's bedside in Malaga for the first time since they were arrested and held in a high security prison near Madrid for 72 hours.

But their reunion looked in doubt after Mr King claimed he would be stopped from seeing him and arrested again if he tried in yet another legal wrangle.

Arriving at Hospital Materno-Infantil in Malaga he said: 'I've come to see him but they won't let me see him.
'What the Prime Minister of England and Health Minister said hasn't worked because me and my wife haven't got custody.

'Portsmouth Council have made him a ward of court. They've taken custody away. yesterday they served papers on me. They won't allow me to see him. If I try and see him, they will arrest me'.

Asked what his next move would be, he said: 'To be arrested.' He was with his wife and son Danny and onlookers said he looked gaunt and harassed.' 

Back together: British parents Brett  and Naghemeh King (bright and bottom left) arrive at their son's hospital in Malaga this afternoon, where  they were reunited with the critically ill five-year-old

Mr and Mrs King are arrested because they wanted to protect the best interests of their child.

'Last night they were freed from a notorious Madrid jail last night after a humiliating climbdown by British authorities over their arrest for child neglect.

A judge ordered the immediate release of the couple after the European arrest warrant against them was dropped – following a sustained campaign of outrage over their treatment.

Mr King, who wants his son to have proton therapy on his brain tumour in Prague, not radiotherapy offered in the UK, said: 'They are going to kill him in England or turn him into a vegetable.

‘I would happily spend years in jail to stop my son getting treatment that would kill him or leave him disabled. I would do it all again'.

He said he had told doctors they would take Ashya abroad for proton therapy but kept the date secret because the hospital threatened to take the child from him, he claims.

Alone: Ashya King had been separated from his family and put under police guard in a hospital hundreds of miles from his parents

A couple of years ago I was at the hospital with a lady and while in the waiting room, the person next to me said 'six of her friends have braintumors'. I asked 'Do you not think this is abnormal and an unusually high statistic that so many people you personally know?' Two had been killed from this condition.

Asking an official how many people have brain tumors or have died from brain tumors, this is one statistical information that was not discolosed at the time...and then I was told is not allowed to be.

Mr. King said 'When I just asked 'What is cancer? How did my son get it? Is there any alternatives?', straight away they said if I ask any more questions the right for me to make a decision would be taken away from me because they get an immediate court paper to say that they have right over my child.

'So from that moment I had so much fear to mention anything to them because they could have stopped my son getting any treatment and just forcing this very strong treatment on him. From that moment on I had to keep everything quiet.'
Mr King said the family went to Spain to visit their holiday home with the intention of selling it before travelling to Prague for the proton therapy.

Mr King said: 'When I saw there were police outside we panicked, we didn't know what to do so we just went towards Malaga because my wife said there was a good hospital'

He added: 'My children were at the swimming pool, we were just trying to enjoy ourselves as a family. Then someone said to us that someone has called the police. I said 'OK, we are not going to run any more. This is it we are going to face this because I don't know why they are after us'. I told them we are taking my son out.
'I said ... we will stay here and sort this out but then they arrested me.'

Future treatment: Dr. Vladimir Vondracek operates a machine in a proton therapy treatment room in Prague, where the Kings would like Aysha to be treated

'Future treatment: Dr. Vladimir Vondracek operates a machine in a proton therapy treatment room in Prague, where the Kings would like Aysha to be treated'
'We just want to help my son get through this bad time because he hasn't got too many months to live and we are locked away in a cell. No-one can do anything.

'We are trying to speed things up to help him as much as possible.'

He thanked Prime Minister David Cameron and 'anyone who has helped  release us'.

My prayers  and thoughts  are with this family and everyone suffering the agony with all the brave children who are highlighting this conditon. By asking what is  cancer and what is the cause is the right way to identifying the solution. \Onchologist Dr. Simoncini discovered cancer can be identified by it' propteries and successrully treating a form of cancer with Bicarbonate of Soda. -Ethical experts  will examine the properties  and look to idenitfy the root cause of cancer as well as  identifying solutions 

Two innocent people arrested with the name King; 

The name Ashya King means  pure existance King.

The unjust Kings  again persecuting innocent people. The ungodly Kings who are bltantly god mocking taking awway peoples right snd liberties - even telling people who are born from Royal lineages they willl lose their rights. Evil cruel is  being exposed.. 

One day there will be an end to all the injuustice taking place and crimes against humanity. Controlling people by fear and conformity is  a sign of tyrannical rulers . History has shown genocide agendas. People are dying a slow death with this current regime. 

However long a child has to live, love is  a powerful soothing and healing gift - even if only to offer comfort. Causing unnesary stress  to the parents  shows a heartless mentality who thinks nothing to contribute early death to people either.

Humanity is waking up to the needs  of the people and caring about people in our world who are suffering - The solution ot bring an end to the war is sack the war mongers . As for the injustice, perhaps  one day we will see the unjust kings arrested. There is great evil taking place in our world in a sytem that is not protecting people. This system has been created to take awsay people's rights..

If the doctors, lawyers, court judges, police want to continue blindly while many millions of people are being killed by preventable cancer than they must aso take responsibility for being a contributing cause in preventing the cure being known and given. 

My message to the parents, be strong and know your rights.

Peace be with you
Pauline Maria

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