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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Friday, 26 September 2014

Britannia Nearly Ruling Waves With Union Jack

The £500million ship has already had a 'floating out' ceremony to test her seaworthiness and is now preparing for a glamorous launch in Southampton, in March 2015. 

Finishing touches: Painters work on Britannia's sparkling new livery, which features the world's largest contemporary version of the Union Jack painted on the hull

'The impressive vessel is the length of 10 blue whales (1,000ft) will carry 4,372 passengers and 1,400 crew - fitting in more people than can squeeze into London's Royal Albert Hall.

And weighing a 141,000 tons, the ship has an engine power equal to 70 challenger tanks or 86 Bugatti Veyrons.
When it launches, Britannia will boast 13 bars and another 13 restaurants and cafes as well as four swimming pools across 15 decks - and an art collection worth £1million'.

Almost ready to hit the high seas: The £500million ship has already had its 'floating out' ceremony to test her seaworthiness

Quote 'P&O Cruises reveals the Britannia, the largest ship ever built for the UK market, emblazoned with the Union Flag.'

The culmination of four years of planning, P&O Cruises’ 3,600-passenger ship Britannia will also draw on the company’s 175-year heritage to bring a thoroughly modern look and feel to British-style cruising.'

'The ship will also have two distinctive blue funnels carrying an illuminated rising sun motif which depicts the Oriental part of the Peninsular and Oriental (P&O) name on the company’s coat of arms.'

The Telegraph link below offers a chance to win a holiday.

This morning I was thinking about the large passenger ships - they are becoming bigger and accommodating more passengers.In a materialistic world, this can be seen as more profit making and yet, we cannot ignore that ships are vehicles that can accommodate people if another great flood happened.

Britannia is named now and the rising sun seen clearly too.

The ship's officer has on his white hat a coat of arms with a gold crown. And if we look at the Royal Mint coins featured is Britannia on gold and silver coins that are created in an official capacity.

With the Lion - the Lion of Judah comes to mind.

Back in 2013, the Daily Mail published an article that identified statistics of one in four adults failed to recognise the figure that has symbolised Britain since the Roman times. Says it all really.

Britannia: Model Rachel Martin is pictured posing as a golden living Britannia statue in London's Covent Garden to promote the Royal Mint's new Britannia five-ounce and twentieth-ounce gold coins

'Britannia: Model Rachel Martin is pictured posing as a golden living Britannia statue' -

'We felt that it was only right that we undertake this campaign to ensure that everyone in the United Kingdom understands what she represents, and gets an opportunity to learn more about the history of a figure who, in ever-changing ways, represents us all.'

'The owl pictured on Britannia’s knee symbolises wisdom'.

Britannia - 'She was originally the creation of the Romans, a proud figure representing a loyal and steadfast outpost of the empire.'

'The new image, created by respected sculptor Robert Hunt, shows Britannia in a traditional pose turning her head, representing a nation that listens to the world outside her borders, at ease with its position in the world, wise and yet willing to learn.'

Whether intentional or not, the name Rachel is significant in biblical times. Rachel being the favourite wife of Jacob who gave birth to Joseph and Benjamin. (Rachel is the name played by Whitney Houston in The Bodyguard -Portman being the name of the assassin) It was Jacob's son's who helped to father the Tribes of Israel, so this with a ship is significant. 

There is another throne in England - In the Tower of London. Is this connected with The Tribes/House of Israel? Britannia is shown to be a living person someone who Queen Elizabeth II acknowledges.

Many years ago I became a friend to a Jewish family Jacobson and since to another lady with married name Jacobs. When looking at the faces of these women, I sense that in some way we are connected with our ancestors. Circumstance brought us together for a purpose and for this connection to be made.

Read more about the vessel Britannia with photographs below

Peace be with you
Pauline Maria

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