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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Edge of Tomorrow Tom Cruise & Emily Blunt

Finally I managed to watch this film, realising that it was important. Worth watching and I am not into action flims, war films and horror films but when they all carry and element or two of truth....

Their Blood has great sigifnicance for as soon as anyone has a blood transfusion, this might dilute their own..Blood is life force energy - vampires drinking blood for energy is not hidden from anyone.

There has been enough attention brought to Royal Blood, True Blood - with people saying in the end times the last battle will be between the bloodlines. Actually the last battle is God's

Interesting that the Louvre in Paris was featured in this movie..with a pyramid built and illuminated, this is also giving power to what is underneath...the positive and destructive...Do rituals take place here?

The movie shows how the dream state is revealing truths.. Also to be in the lucid dreamstate and waking state, this is written to solve one of the great problems in our world; addressing the route cause.

Edge of Tomorrow was previously named All You Need is Kill - there was no reason given for the change of the name. Perhaps this is totally unrelated and yet, as in the ancient times, we will all be free from those who are ruling over lands and people by deception, eventually because this is meant  tobe.

Tom Cruise has a personal mission and passion in life, it has shown in different ways that there are people saving this world and humanity from utter destruction...Preventing the Slaughter is the most challenging..There is evil in our world and not everyone is always as perceived to be.

Back in 2012 during meditation I saw a spiral starcase leading up towards the heavens and started to climb. This took me to a temple with big old arched windows. Sitting ontop of what may have been gold sculpted with angel figures was a huge blue crystal...The realisation this is a power source in the heavens - energy from this crystal can manifest material objects..Asking what it is I am meant to know. Suddenly a ring appeared as if hovering with an oval shape stone...'Ring of Power' came to mind.

With the theory of 'As above so below', then somewhere below there could also well be a powersource..If people are tapping into a power source on earth this can also be dangerous. Many people are involved with power games and manipulating people by using influence and powers.

There are people in our world risking their lives so that humanity can continue surviiving and thriving...and presently there is great destraction in our world, because promises have been made to people.

The focus in the film were two characters 'very serious' on a mission, training with discipline and focus to combat what would likely be for many a greatest fear.....if not a monster - death itself.

Life can and does present lessons so that we conquer our fears. In recognising that we are put through very tough situations to force us to is for a greater purpose. At one time a nobleman frm India said 'you are like a one woman army fighting the British establishment 'they did this before' - In this land with a great many people disregard the Laws of the Universe and karma.' what will it take for people to learn?

A movie that gives people something to think about.

There are people who have prophetic dreams...and there are lucid dreams that awareness of being able to take action within the dream...People can also reenter dreams at will, interact and create change..

What is a dream and what is reality...

Peace be with you
Pauline Maria

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