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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Monday, 8 September 2014

Monday 8th Hearing Jesus Say 'Stay Close To Me'

While walking picking some blackberries today, thinking the Lord Provides, a lady came to mind I wanted to speak to that day. Ten minutes later she came walking along the pathway, instinctily I knew we would meet. She was with another lady I had spoken to and met for the first time only an hour before.

Another lady came to mind, a beautiful sensiitve heart who loves Jesus so much and yet has not seen him or heard his voice. As the first two ladies were going in one direction, this same lady also came on the pathway and we continued walking picking some blackberries together. The pathway of life is a reminder of the physical pathway - we encounter people and we also go in different directions. The people we meet we are meant to meet - we do not always know why. We are all instrumental in eachother's lives.

My new friend who has so much love and desire to know Jesus, she spoke of a book she reads every Christmas and I cannot think of the name now..It is a children's story that explains they way that Jesus is with everyone. She spoke one day of having little money and being asked to give to charity - she gave and then instinctively gave more, leaving herself without. Oh well she thought...She was thinking of Jesus when she did this. It was later that she went home, sorting through some bags she found £40, two £20 notes.

If the charities were giving 90% of thwat they collect to the cause, instead of using 90% for administration - then perhaps we will see more giving hearts and yet, we have the reminder that giving is not always material. My friend uses a foodbank and this is how it is for many people - she spoke of people being able to afford to smoke and she is struggling to pay her bills. Jesus is more close to this lady for her heart.

She asked me about speaking with Jesus and hearing his voice. Sometimes we hear from within our heart - Here the Spirit of Christ is very clear in communication. One time, I told her, when asking Jesus his name - because Jesus is the name given for protection - I heard his voice so distinct and profound Yoshua. Sounding like Yohshuaa. Explaining that we often hear the gentle guidance, even if we do not know it.

Explaining as an example how to be an instrument for the Lord, in her presence  I asked for guidance on what he wanted me to know and he replied 'give the lady a hug and a kiss'. - Such a gentle response written on my heart....and I gave her a hug and a gentle kiss on her cheek on this new pathway, the cycle track - carriageway, I said to her this is what Jesus instructed me to do and she realised through me that Jesus had given her a hug and the assurance that she was seeking. She recognised this immediately.

As we were walking along I heard 'Stay Close to Me' except it was the song lyrics by Take That sung by Gary Barlow. Thinkng I will access this and listen to the lyrics - the understanding I was given is to post it here on the internet. For this is a time when people are coming closer to Jesus again by searching in their heart and prayer, by thinking of him and loving him - this is a bond that cannot be broken.

Then I was thinking this is a song that was inspired for Jesus to his people. This is a message that he wants people to know and to think of him...Stay Close to Me he said....Stay Close to Me.

This is not the first time, I have been warned of contamination of people who do not believe in God and who are instruments for the devil - some even say they are, they know without knowing. They do not know what they say.....they do not realise they willingly chose this pathway. And we cannot change anyone's mind. We can only shine the light of truth  Everyone is learning lessons and reaping their karma.

Yes there are people who are eager to hurt other people - yet ultimately they hurt themselves. In the hierarchy in this world and in the heavenly realms, it is known that I belong to Jesus and yet, it was his choice - He initiated communication as a child - He spoke words that I was to later read in the Holy Bible. Perhaps being in England I needed His Protection and Assurance - I thought everyone is hearing the Lord - later discovering many people talk to spirits and people who have died and been stuck between realms....As a child I made a decision, I am going to ask God for answers because humans do not know all - having no idea where this decision came from, it was a conscious one.

In a difficult time, and a time of suffering I am staying close to Jesus..This body aches with pains - my heart is not working property and the strain is continual...that is OK...I AM ALIVE STILL...Our body is the physical vessel that houses our soul and  when this body dies, the soul will not die...

Yesterday while in the kitchen I felt a sharp pain in my left thumb as if it was being severed...and then a few minutes later the same with my right thumb...The realisation that with being guided to specific scriptures with my thumbs is probably just warning me that the evil one is trying to prevent this happening.

In Africa, there were a vast number of slaves who had their hands chopped off and brought to the King. He know the power of the people if they pray and yet people had been so oppressed and put in chains. People are taught t put their hands together and pray, or to open their hands and pray...or to raise their hands up in the air and pray...The Spirit within is in communication with the Lord God Almighty.

If you notice the great soul singers have Afican roots.

No matter what injury is done to me - even if this physical body is killed - truth cannot be changed. We are in the time when there is an outpouring of the Holy Spirit and people are dreaming dreams of Jesus - sharing the message to people that he is alive. And he is gathering the Children who belong to him - they will be the messagers in the New World being guided by him very precisely - to the Chosen King.

Four people were to enjoy blackberries today. Two ladies had a hug and we spoke of planting apple trees. Attempting to grow trees from pips, three small trees are growing now.  My baby orange trees are being eaten by snails..The lady spoke of plum trees - we are on the same page for fuit trees.

Now what is most extraordinary about this land, someone told me that the trees have all grown naturally - they just appeared. There are quite a few baby oak trees and hawthorn trees too. It would surely be a miracle if suddenly fruit trees started growing and if it is God's Will it will be done.

People are looking for the great miracles in our wrold but it is important to remember that God works in the most subtle ways and in the little ways, we remember how he is hearing our prayer. It is very easy to use prayer for selfish reasons and try to prove God and yet, all God wants us to do is to beleive in Him. When we beleive, we can work with him and build this World Kingdom by his guidance.

History has shown Prophets and Saints being killed by those who rejected the truth. If man is not going to accept the truth he can continue to live in his lie - born to live breath, eat, work, sleep and die, when actually everyone has a far greater purpose in this world even if they do not know it.

What is happening in this world now has been written.

Jesus says to everyone 'Stay Close to Me'

Peace be with you
Pauline Maria

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