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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Thursday, 4 September 2014

Hello Magasine The Real William vs Christ

'Whatever path our lives take we share a common bond'

This morning this image came to mind remembering seeing this around the time of publication. Actually Willliam suits being dark haired. It is possible people ask that his hair is lightened?

The most important question to be asking is who is Willliam serving? Is he serving Christ in truth - or is he ignoring the authority of someone who was born to spiritually enlighten humanity. Is William part of the problem that keeps people down, or does he want to evolve and enable humanity to evolve too.

William knows the truth in his heart.

What is stated here is a matter what choices any people make, even if they go down a very dark and sadistic life path we do all share a common bond. Everyone is learning their lessons.

In having a few experiences with visions and dreams seeing Jesus, his hair appeared dark brown. One dream, back in 2012, I was holding a man with mid brown hair, who was dripping gold blood from his body. The setting may have been 'after the crucifixion of Christ which would be in a hotter climate' The man was painfully thin and had a beard - with being given these dreams to highlight truths relevant to know.

The man Jesus has been revealed to me as having brown hair and could very easily go about his life livingin England not even being noticed or recognised. The reason being beccause the Britons have been brainwashed by a godless system to worship falseidols. It is what it is. Truth is truth.

My realisation that Jesus Christ could very easily live in England came after being spoken to by a homeless man who had mid brown long hair; with more weight on his face than seen in my dreams. The reminder that Jesus is with the reminder that he also knows what we are all going through.

Then one day a knock came to my door.. 'after I had been injured', (being pushed by an invisible force down the stairs) No one was there - a very handsome man speaking in a foreign accent was next door and in the timing all I heard was 'Marie Curie'  - only days before Marie Curie fundraisers had called, but this was different...This man had black hair and a close beard and as if light was radiating from his body.

Of course it may have just been the light from the house next door shining on the man...As I closed the door and sat down...I realised that actually Jesus could be here now..This is silenced in England.

While the illegal wars take place in the Middle East - It is not really a surprise that Jesus would appear several times to children on this land wearing his crown. This is after all His Kingdom.

Then I had another dream in 2013, in a home that was pristine, dark oak wood floors and modern kitchen - Outside a family of Orthodox Jews wearing hats were walking up the driveway. Next I am in a lounge standing facing a young looking clean shaven man - and I notice his teeth. They were small...

These are much like the hats worn by the men in my dream. Below notice the young children have crowns. The occassion was taken of a wedding eldest grandson of the leader, of the Belz Hasidic sect, Shalom Roke'ach, to bride Hannah Batya Penet, of a rank-and-file Belz family in May 2013. 

On one hand the British royals are heavily promoted as future Kings and a distraction from Christ.  The laws in this land show a blatant disregard of God Almighty - There is no Sacred Majesty with false idols. There are also in our world, people who are profoundly devout; striving as adults in every day life to enhance their spiritual understanding, purifying their heart and mind for enlighenment.

That does not stop young people as humans playing.

Just because someone is Jewish, or a Christian or a Muslim does not mean we are perfect human beings. We cannot jugde anyone by their religon or the land they come from. But it is shown if there is someone sitting as an overlord over lands and people who is defying God, that person can be a block to humanity and spiritual progress. This has happened before and yet it is not going to happen again.

If William was given a choice to give up everything and follow Christ - would he? A man who was born into his family really did not have much choice in the matter...He is learning his lessons too.

Jesus Christ gave up his life so Humanity can be saved. In doing so this is why God Almighty rules over this entire earth and if man can evolve, he would not want to be ruling over anyone, or oppressing people. If anything the man who is striving to evolve spiritually would automatically enable other people too.

There is a growing revival of poeple returning to christ and coming away from the Church of England - people are guided to do what they are guided to do. Jesus Christ has always remained connected with the root of the tree as well as the branches. One branch is not the entire tree.

Trees have been cut down in the Jubilee and that is also to show that we will be returning to the root because the danger is with so many people changing the truth instead of seeking the truth. There have been the most horrendous abuses taking place in the name of religion - God is not a religion. Christ is not a religion. Even the Buddha was not a religon, he was born a Royal Prince. Krishna is not a religion.

William is not God. He is a man. Will he bring forth any divine revelation given to him from God Almighty through Jesus Christ? Have any of the family? I really do not know...But I do know that the Lord speaks very clearly and has said 'My sheep hear my voice' - He does not lead his lambs to the slaughter.

My purpose for writing this aritcle is to remind people that fundamentally Jesus Christ is Jewish and there are different tribes. He has shown a deaf lady that he is related as family to Arabs too.

Finally, in this Christian Land, Jesus welcomes every helper, where there is no competition or preference. There are people who have opposed him and they are ultimately going to miss out knowing him. Far from being a perfect human being - what has been revealed to me I am sharing openly now.

Peace be with you
Pauline Maria

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