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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Monday, 8 September 2014

Horse Queen Elizabeth Rules The Road, Scotland

This article was pubished a couple of days ago...another one of the articles that a thought came to mind..just my own this instance it might be far removed from the truth. I have not shared what else has come to mind because that might shake up a few reactions and especially as we are living in a world of illusion, the shattering of illusion is to be done very slowly as and when people are ready.

She can be seen wearing a silk scarf over her head, a jacket and jodhpurs

It is not known if the Queen takes to the Roads on horseback in Scotland - or if this was a rare occassion. Actuallly for the Queen to be presented as some untouchable demigod, is a reminder that this is far from being how Jesus Christ was and if anything being out and about, shows some normality.

But everything has a reason and the Queen is far from stupid even if there are people who think she is. She is a woman of elderly years with enough time to think...and someone who has travelled the world, has also taken in a lot subconscously and this also enhances awareness and expands horizons.

So while the Queen has visited Balmoral, she is seen riding her horse - unusual it may seem and yet it is purposeful. With the roads being built and laws being made, there are taxes and fines too. And while this land is the United Kingdom stilla nd not divided Kingdom yet, has the Queen returned the roads back to the ancient way, considering the belated Jubilee Law - returning land back to Christ. I do not know.

The Queen has had a love affair with horses since 1930
The Queen crosses over the junction - is this a crossroads?

A couple of years ago in a dream, Michelle Obama and I were standing together on a road in London - there was no tarmac down. This was being prepared before the tarmac. What wason the road was dried horse manure...Michelle brought my attention to the gas manholes. In the dream I pointed to the house where my mother died on Latimer Road, home to the midwife who delivered me into this world - Joy was from South Africa and so there is a connection with me and Africa through this lady)

 A few days later walking in Bolton I noticed a gas main laid down on a bridal path, This was apparently a railway track before. There are people who remember the Queen travelling on a train and waving flags to her when she came past on this track...Someone else told me there was a train crash - not sure about the details of that but she spoke of the anniversary of the date this happened, she hears the train sounding .

My dream took place if I recall in 2012, so it is a while ago.

Recently there are new roads built - a cycle track. The 3.3 meter wide track could easily be widened later with the application and changing laws to be made into a road..Doing some research on this - a cycle is a carriage and so what has been built is a carriage way.Carriageways allow laws to be made and application for implementation of laws too...News reports have featured 'overturned carriages'.

What would be the law for a horse trail if this was to be made. Pick up the poop - the horse manure and keep the road clear. The droppings, Joy said, are very good for the roses...

In England the new cycle track/Carriageway on the Duchy of Lancaster, where I live extends over a disused railway track and bridal path (Michelle Obama revealed this to be happening) - I am convinced 5 or 6 years time application could be to convert to a road and yet I may be very wrong too.

There is a collosal amount of income being raked in by Road Laws - illegal laws - deception to the people includes when people rule over lands and people by deception too. What has been happening is tyranny and the mindset of officials who do not care who they harm or cause loss to is a great concern.

The conversations of what is happening in relation to Scotland and Independance - because I am not there I do not know the truth of what is being discussed behind closed doors. What I do know, the Crown wearer is supposed to be preserving this Kingdom for Christ...Perhaps Elizabeth is.

In another dream 2012/2013 I was in Scotland coming out of an official building. A lady wearing a grey pinstripe suit had ripped sleeves as if she had been attacked by some wild animal 'beast'. She was eager to show me what they had been busy working on for the people..We went outside and this was turning left (woke up then - no idea what is happening in Scotland for the people - Independance?)

If Scotland remains Independant, the report says that the Queen will remain Head of State. So what is going to happen to the South of this land....The Holy Bible writes about the Queen of the South:

The Queen of the South will rise at the judgment with this generation and condemn it; for she came from the ends of the earth to listen to Solomon's wisdom, and now something greater than Solomon is here. Matthew 12:42

While we can see the Holy Scriptures were written such a long time ago - how is it possible that we might read something that is relevant today? This is justifed, Keep asking the questions. One day I picked up the Holy Bible and asked 'God. what do you want me to know?' Opened the page and reading about Daughter of Zion. Asking another question - again about Daughter of Zion, Then another about the obligation with Justice. Then another about Smyrna - the messages all meant something with clear answers.

The Queen of the United Kingdom is Queen Elizabeth. As the Sovereign her official working residence in Buckingham Palace - In Latimer Buckinghamshire, there was once a Royal Palace.

 The decor in Buckingham Palace includes the Greek Key. This is also featured with a mantlepiece within the building, the mantle is over the Greek Key. Last year I discovered 'Athens' is named on the Duchy of Lancaster, this was surely deliberate - Athens being the capital of Greece.

The stolen Acropolis Marbles came from the ancient seat of God's government of earth. With the rejection of Apostolic Succession, the door is open for Satan. With people being willing to sell their soul to the devil for gains - officials have said this land is ruled by dark forces. Not everyone serves Satan.

With 'Athena' named again with the NHS and Education - Athena, my mother's name is also the Greek city of Athens - The City named after Athena. The Queen knew my mother. She wrote to her! My mother was never a threat to take the throne, like Jesus Christ - evidently evil was not stamped out then!

Queen of the South Football Club is a Scottish professional football club founded in 1919 and located in Dumfries.....This club was formed at the time of the Greek Independance.

Scotland ws named after Scota an Egyptian Princess, daughter of a Pharoah. With Mount Sinaia being in South Egypt - it is not known if this is in any way connected. There are people who know much more and yet there are people who disregard the promises that have been made to people.

In 1919 many sigificent events took place including:

 January 19th The Monarchy of the North is established in Northern Portugal.
It is said that Queen Elizabeth is from the House of Wettin connected with Portugal and the Imperial Crown. (1917 in Fatima Portugal, the Holy Royal Family appeared in an Apparition.)

On January 25 1919 – The League of Nations is founded in Paris

On June 28th 1919 The Treaty of Versailles is signed, formally ending World War

On November 19th The Treaty of Versailles fails a critical ratification vote in the United States Senate. It will never be ratified by the U.S.

(Constantine 1  King of Greece from 1913 to 1917 and from 1920 to 1922. He was commander-in-chief of the Hellenic Army. He abdicated the throne for the second and last time in 1922, when Greece lost the Greco-Turkish War of 1919-1922, and was succeeded by his eldest son, George II. Constantine died in exile four months later, in Sicily) .

I believe Prince Phillip was deliberately takne to be born in Greece. His mother was born in Winsdor Castle. Greece is identified with the crowns - written in the Holy Bible. I pray and hope for the day when the men of war will no longer be in positons of power , so humanity can be saved.

There are people in our world who understand God's Providence. In these times there is an outpouring of the Holy Spirit, with Jesus Christ appearing to people, visiting and talking to them around the world. He has appeared in England several times wearing his crown 2012-2013. Suffering as a servant of the Lord, is not going to silence the truth and reminding people who is KING!

God is watching over what is happening in these lands

Peace be with you
Pauline Maria

No copyright infringment intended.,_Buckinghamshire

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