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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Friday, 5 September 2014

Johnny King Dangerous Reaction Arbitrageur: Why?

The Daily Mail Report 'This is the terrifying moment a horse violently reared up while its jockey tried to mount it.

Rider Johnny King was on his way to the start of the race during the meeting at Laytown, County Meath, when Arbitrageur suddenly threw its head back.

The jockey held on as the horse flew mid-air while groom Aidan Wall cowered in fear underneath. Despite the dangerous reaction, the rider escaped unhurt and led the horse to seventh in the race.

Since 1868 the village on the eastern coast of Ireland has hosted the only annual meet in the British Isles held on a beach under the so-called Rules of Racing.
It used to be held in conjunction with the Boyne Regatta - the rowing would take place at high tide while the horses would compete when the water had receded. 

Racegoers from all over the globe have attended the September event, including musicians, film stars and royalty. In the 1950s, the legendary owner the Aga Khan and his wife the Begum were in attendance'.

See more photographs and read story in aritcle below.

Just to connect some information that is revealed in this article with the unexpected reaciton of the horse as reported with photographic evidence.... I want to also refer back to Jihad John - because King came to my mind then, and then the NHS King's Fund.

Prince William is connected with health service 'see link below' - Prince is also a title for a Monarch. There is also the secret crowning ceremony that has not explained. 

The King has been dethroned from his horse.

Actually it is written 'Despite the dangerous reaction, the rider escaped unhurt and went on to finish seventh in the race, during the only meet that his held on a beach in Britain' 

In coming 7th  the 7th law to Establish the Court of Justice! With William, Charles and Camilla all being given honorary Law degrees, the laws for profit are on the increase.

Since 1868 the village on the eastern coast has hosted the single annual meet held on a beach under the Turf Club rules of racing

The event held on the East Cost is strategically placed. With the seas receeded and racing on the sands, does this have anything to do with Kings ruling over the seas and land at the same time?

A while ago I wrote of the destroyed pier that appeared to have an elongated crown type dome. This revealed 'royal leisure' I guess this might be one of those leisure activities too. 

With the Aga Khan mentioned - wanting to learn more. 

Aga Khan (Persianآقاخان‎; also transliterated as Aqa Khan and Agha Khan[1]) is a name used by the Imam of the Nizari Ismailis since 1818. The current user of the name is Shah Karim who claims to be the 49th Imam (1957–present), Prince Shah Karim Al Husseini Aga Khan IV (b. 1936).
The title is made up of the titles agha and khan. The Turkish "agha" (spelled agha or Āqā) is "aqa" (Āqā) in Persian.
According to Farhad Daftary,[2] Aga Khan is an honorific title bestowed on Hasan Ali Shah (1800–1881), the 46th Imam of Nizari Ismailis (1817–1881), by Persian king Fath-Ali Shah Qajar.[3] However, what Daftary says contradicts what the Aga Khan III noted in a famous legal proceeding in India - that Aga Khan is not a title, but instead a sort of alias or "pet name" that was given to the Aga Khan I when he was a young man.[4]
During the latter stages of the First Anglo-Afghan War (in 1841 and 1842), Hasan Ali Shah and his cavalry officers provided assistance to General Nott in Kandahar Province and also to General England in his advance from Sindh to join Nott.[citation needed] He was awarded the status of "Prince" by the British government's representatives in India and became the only religious or community leader in British India granted a personal gun salute[

Prince Shah Karim Al Hussaini Aga Khan (IV) (Persianشاه کریم حسینی، آقاخان چهارم‎) (Aga Khan is also transliterated as Aqa Khan and Agha Khan[3]), NPkNIKBECCGCCGCIHGCM was born on December 13, 1936, in Geneva, Switzerland. He is a British[4] business magnate,[5][6][7][8] racehorse owner and breeder,[5][9] as well as being the 49th and current Imam of Nizari Ismailism, a denomination of Ismailism within Shia Islam consisting of an estimated 5-15 million adherents (under 10% of the world's Shia Muslim population)
In 2008, then French President Nicolas Sarkozy pledged that the Aga Khan, a British citizen, would be let off all 'direct taxes, stamp duty, and wealth tax' by the country of France - saving the Aga Khan an amount estimated to be in the billions of Euros.[24] The Aga Khan's philanthropic institutions, primarily funded by his followers, spend about $600 million [USD] per year – mainly in Africa, Asia, and the Middle East.In 2007 G. Pascal Zachary of the The New York Times wrote after an interview with the Aga Khan, Part of the Aga Khan's personal wealth [used by him and his family], which his advisers say exceeds $1 billion [USD], comes from a dizzyingly complex system of tithes some of the world's 15 million Ismaili Muslims pay him each year [one of which is called dasond, which is at least 12.5% of each Nizari Ismaili's gross annual income] – an amount that he will not disclose but which may reach hundreds of millions of dollars annually.

So the title Shah of Persia is revealed here...

Definition of 'Arbitrageur'

A type of investor who attempts to profit from price inefficiencies in the market by making simultaneous trades that offset each other and capturing risk-free profits. An arbitrageur would, for example, seek out price discrepancies between stocks listed on more than one exchange, and buy the undervalued shares on one exchange while short selling the same number of overvalued shares on another exchange, thus capturing risk-free profits as the prices on the two exchanges converge.

As KING is identified as being dethroned 'in Ireland', The British Monarch also collects a vast income; holding a title 'By the Grace of God' implies 'by Divine Right'.

With Johnny King, In the Tower of London is St. Johns Chapel. There is also a Throne that fetures three crowns. Guided to see this is connected with Jerusalem. Home to the Crown Jewels, many secrets and a bloody history, does anything change?

St. John's Chapel is 'A Romanesque chapel, St. John's is on the second floor of the White Tower, which was built in 1077–97 as a keep or citadel, the oldest part of William the Conqueror's powerful fortress. It was constructed from stone imported from France

There is written in the Holy Bible a message from Saint John to the Elect Kyria and her children...the people, God's children, who walk in faith and in truth.

The name of the jockey and horse reveals what is hidden and relevant to know. The book of Revelation are prophesies by John the divine for the end times.

Prince William flies the Sea King Helicopter!

In Iran, is a beautiful pink diamond Darya Noor.

This symbolises a crown with a green stone with two feathers as seen in the Egyptian goddess Maat in connection with Laws and Justice.

 Darya-i-Noor  means "Sea of Light" or "Ocean of Light" 

The racing taking place on the Sea Land is no accident.

The assination of the Journalist by Jihadist John also brought forth the name James...the Book of James is found in the HOly Bivle and St, James being the official residence of the Sovereign.. All these connections!

The world is suffering, when a King might be collecting an income from people and yet do the King really serve the Lord God Almighty in truth? Not all do!

Peace be with you
Pauline Maria 

No Copyright infringment intended
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