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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Monday, 1 September 2014

Kate Middleton and her Spanish Super Nanny

They could pass as sisters...they would well be related. Actually it would make sense with the careful planning and control of who is married to who and who is born to who, that Kate would not only choose a Spanish Nanny for George, or the nanny could even be chosen by the establishment.

While people were saying - Kate is Jewish with her mother having the name Goldsmith, actually a great many people can trace Jewish ancestry, there are specific bloodlines that are significant and it could be that Kate comes from one of those bloodlines. Are they related to The Goldsmiths, could be and with Zac and Diana looking like brother and sister, their relationships and genetics are interelinked in some way.

The headlines in the Daily Mail.20th March 2014 

Spanish supernanny' hired by Duke and Duchess to look after Prince George named as Maria Teresa Turrion Borrallo (and she knows martial arts and 007 stunt driving)

  • William and Kate said to be 'delighted' the full-time nanny has joined them

  • Nanny will be joining the couple on their tour of Australia and New Zealand

  • Ms Borrallo trained at prestigious Norland College costing £36,000

  • Trained in Tae Kwon-Do for self defence with added pram dodge technique

  • Knows how to skid pan away from photographers and dangers in a car

Supernanny doubling up as a body guard. .

The report writes ' Ms Borrallo trained at the prestigious Norland College which has been producing childminders for the rich and famous since 1892.

The institution's students are known for their distinctive uniforms and are schooled in all aspects of looking after youngsters during their three-year degree course.

The training costs £36,000 in total and the college in Bath recently added martial arts training and stunt driving to its curriculum to cater for modern clients - many of whom are celebrities and the super-rich.

Tae Kwon-Do is believed to be the martial art of choice - which has been specially adapted to include how to dodge a potential kidnapped with a pram.

Nannies are also trained in how to deal with paparazzi and are taken to Castle Combe Racing Circuit in Wiltshire to perfect their driving skills and learn how to drive at high speed in any weather condition. 

Driving away from pursuing photographers being the main reason for the training.

Earlier this month it was revealed that the couple had chosen Ms Borrallo, who was described as a 'Spanish supernanny' to help them care for baby George.

The nanny, thought to be in her mid-thirties, is believed to have worked for high-society families for two decades.'
The nanny will already be known and perhaps even part of an inner circle...When we consider that the media heavily sold Kate Middleton as some commoner, it is highly likely that before marrying, she met a specific criteria in her blooldine and the ensuring of a vast corporate empire is secure..

Not only is the family inheritance with living in palatial homes, vast landed estates are wanting by owner to preserve and so it makes sense that William was made President of Lands in Trust..

The expression that England is a nanny state is used.

Being guided to the Holy Scriptures one day perhaps last year or the tail end of 2012, I discovered that if anyone attempts to harm the Jews they will surely come to ruin. The preservation of a Jewish bloodline make sense if this kingdom is being preerved by the British Royals for the return of Jesus Christ.

There is also mention in the Holy Scritputes abou those who claim ot be Jews but they are not, they are from the Synagogue of Satan - people who decided to reject the High Way for a price..

With William and Kate expressing they wished for the superpowr of invisiblity...they should know that nothing is completely hidden any more. God created the visible and the invisble.

Being Royal, such a privelige to be born into a family where God is actually guiding very clearly and steering people to avoid global castastrophe because of people who lust after power.

Perhaps George will be taught Spanish...the Spanish connection is important for Jeruslaem with being one of the titles held by the King of Spain being King of Jerusalem.

With already a plot of land that houses the Isreali government given to Prince Phillip, in 2013, William was to take over from his grandfather as being President of lands in Trust...

Remembering the movie the omen - hope this is not going to happen... Notice the relationship with the child and dog - the Royals have the understanding to influence dogs. William had a black labrador that died two years ago and now Harry wanting one for his birthday. Lupo has been shown to be wearing a crown,....a Dog being given powers - might in also influencing the dog family.


The other day someone said to me the person who has the right to rule has the biggest gun...The people who are aligned with their allegience to be obediant to this family is why our world is divided.

Peace be with you
Pauline Maria.

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