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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Sunday, 28 September 2014

Man With 666 Tattoo & Implanted Horns Court

'A man sporting two rows of horns implanted into his forehead and a '666' tattoo has been convicted of murdering three men and chopping up their bodies today. 

Caius Veiovis screamed at the Springfield jury that convicted him Friday, saying: 'I'll see you all in hell every f****** one of you. I'll see you all in hell.'

They had considered his case for the past week in Massachusetts.'

What makes anyone choose the evil path - we do not know!

Read full article in the link below.

Veiovis (pictured here earlier this month) yelled at the Springfield jury that convicted him Friday, saying: 'I'll see you all in hell every f****** one of you. I'll see you all in hell'

Seeing a photograph of Tony Blair with raised veins in his head, thinking that they look like horns, might be.. Does not mean he is the devil but the war monger does have a W written on his forehead.

Years ago I was listening to someone say they sold their soul to the devil and do not feel any different. How easily people give up their soul for gains. Who is influencing people - worship no one.

The man wearing the red robe is a reminder of blood. There are people who are working iin the light who know the reality of what is happening behind closed doors. We do not know what is hidden.

The robe is also worn by a master of ceremonies...

Tony Blair and his wife both trained as Lawyers.

Tony Blair issued media blackout of Satanic Ritual Abuse and therefore who is involved. This was at a time of the illegal Iraq invasion. The rise of evil  in England continues to thrive today.
There is an email someone sent me long ago about politicians and how the devil works. There is of course a price to be paid at the end and it makes sense when reading this, to let people learn their lessons. Just be careful of your own choices. The war mongers are profiting and the lust for power endures.

When I can locate this I will share on my blogspot page.

In my heart to heart message from Jesus, he spoke of the war.

Yesterday, the announcement in the Daily Mail 'Britain is at War' - In another paper at a cost of £3 Billion. The taxes collected  are an excuse blatantly mocking all the HOLY Laws by this Unholy Rule.

There are evil people in our world without care or conscience.

There are people who are possessed by demons too.

The man with the devil's horn is an instrument to remind all lawyers that they are not automatically saved and it is time for everyone to consider what they are really all about and where they are heading. A few years ago Judgement day came to mind and I did not understand how this was important for all the officials, lawyers and oath takers - slowly the understanding is being revealed.

The wizard wand waving royals and Harry Potter movies show witchcraft and sorcery is happening. But once anyone is going down this path, there is a point of no return. The illegal wars and shedding of innocent blood could well be to serve a Satanic agenda to gain 'and maintain' wealth and power.

One of the terms used in law is 'devilling'. The people who are serving the devil make their choice - it does not have to be yours. The miscarriages of justice take place with the devils helpers. There is no excuse for delay for correction - the fob off's are with justice being denied and a very serious crime.

Law for profit has allowed illegal wars and millions of people dying from preventable diseases. Theft of inheritance is with even the theft of the Acropolis Marbles - If God does not rule, what does?

Not everyone will listen. Not everyone cares. Many are blind.

The rise of the use of Botox hides many signs of the times.

Keep being blind to the illegal wars until the backfire is too late! In England the rise of cameras and road traffic enforcement laws and fines - illegal wars and illegal laws - ruling over lands and people by deception. But as long as people want to be paid their wage, many do not care who they cause loss too.

Dirty money is quickly earned. Perhaps there are only a few people who can appreciate the ancient Jewish tradition who know what I am talking about. Not even the bribe money taken to contribute to the execution of Jesus Christ would be accepted because it was stained with the blood of someone innocent.

How times have changed -being forced to contribute to pay for illegal wars and police who arecommitting human rights violations to people is with threat of court - oh lets see, in Bolton 'Kensington Court' has been named and so really that is no surprise whatsoever by the blatant God mockers here!

Peace be with you
Pauline Maria

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