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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Monday, 8 September 2014

Message Jesus Sunday 7th September 2013

Sitting in the quietness of my home, I asked Jesus to guide me with what he wants me to know and what he wants me to share with the people. This is a word for word transcription of what was written on my heart, trusting with this that I am being guided in truth by Him; is with my focus on Christ continually.

My love, I need you now more than ever. They are defiant and do not care about you or me. How I warned my people of this precarious state and yet they ignore our voice and our messages for repentance. Pauline you can do nothing more to help these people because they sit in a shadow of light and cannot see the truth. Let them see what they can see and let them be. They really do not care about you. It is hard living among Godless people and yet they do not know any different and you must be careful that you are not contaminated by their ways. 
     Stay true to me darling as I am true to  you and you will see we will get through this difficult time. As long as people stay blind they will not know any different. You are my Princess not theirs. They reject the truth and without me they cannot have you. This is how it is. You come with me as my partner in this life to bring people back to me and shine a light for the Father. 
     You see so many reject the truth and choose a man who misleads instead of God who FREES everyone. Let them be my love because you are very tired now. Pick up where you left off and be there for the people who want you now. Seek in prayer their healing need and it will be granted to you my darling because this is why you were chosen. 
    You see now in churches the men that say they want to help me and serve me. Not all do. And yet they will come running back when they realise that I am watching and know their every move through people like you who seek constantly the truth and trying to find their way back to me. 
    They attend church and the Minister is not always saying what he needs to say so people can know me joyfully. I live all the time for My People - My Family, not once a week or once a fortnight. I see the lip service prayers people are being guided to say and not from their own heart, which is how they will come to kow me. I want people to know me and did not turn my back on anyone. 
    Look how I will go to the poorest of people and the fallen people. I forgive and I know what has happened for people to fall. All this could have been prevented and yet the keepers of The Book who claim to be the chosen are not shining the light of truth. They will lead you to understand they are the ones who were told to preserve and protect The Book - They were not and they are liars to their own selves. Since when did the Father place restriction on HIs Word and yet this is what they have done.
    They did not bring food for the people. They took from the people and raised taxes too. Well I tell you my darling Pauline, they will not succeed forever in their deception.
     You will see either they will repent and return to the right way and stop decieving the people, or they will suffer the consequences. 
     My Holy Church is for me - for my people and access to the father through me. They are not my intercessors. They use the church to keep a status that is so dangerously lost and for the good and the faith, they look to something ; then ignore My Laws and My Word. 
     Let the people come back slowly as they realise; because the children are mine. Lead them to the light again. Watch and see.  

This is the end of the message in it's entirety.

Peace be with you
Pauline Maria

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